Construction CPA Audit and Review Software


The FOUNDATION® CPA Audit and Review Software gives outside CPAs a convenient inside look at their client’s reports and financials from a single dashboard — and at no additional cost.


CPA Audit and Review Features

heavy construction machinery at a job site

Key Reports in One Location

Give your CPA access to date-sensitive aging, cash, project and financial reports from across an integrated job cost accounting system — all organized in one place.

  • Over/under billing
  • Job cost WIP
  • Gain/fade analysis
  • Overhead allocation
  • Billing backlog
  • Cash flow by job
  • G/L materiality
  • Aging and materiality
  • G/L and J/C tie-out
  • and more

Journal Adjustments

Make adjusting entries with your CPA professional quickly and simply. From the CPA Audit/Review dashboard, they can easily create new G/L journals and enter two-sided transactions.

  • Set up budget, accrual, recurring or regular journals — with or without job costing.
  • Create two-sided entries to keep the books balanced.
  • Add entry transaction descriptions and dates for a clear, traceable audit trail
construction CPA reviewing plans and auditing materials
Construction CPA on the job site reviewing financial documents with their team

Fast Access and Easy Exports

External construction CPAs can log in remotely using a free viewer license to quickly run reports with no training required and without getting lost in the weeds. Or, conveniently export the reports they want to see directly to PDF, spreadsheet or CSV formats with a single click.


The CPA Audit/Review Module has really streamlined our review process and allowed us to provide better service to our clients.

Jason M. Robin – CPA
Covell & Hogan LLP

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