Construction Fixed Assets Tracking Software


Using the FOUNDATION® Fixed Assets Tracking Module, contractors manage and account for their company’s long-term assets — from buildings and land to machinery and equipment.


Fixed Asset Accounting Features


Fixed Asset Management Software

Manage and organize all of your long-term fixed assets by recording valuations, manufacturer details, tax information and item status.

  • Track purchase, salvage, market and insurance values for your assets.
  • Maintain manufacturing and distributor information, along with condition.
  • Calculate personal property tax valuations for equipment, machinery and more.

Fixed Asset Depreciation Software

Generate and record the depreciation of company fixed assets using flexible, customizable GAAP and tax-recognized depreciation methods you can tailor with your CPA.

  • Set up an unlimited number of fixed-amount, formula or percent methods.
  • Formulate deprecation from your chosen base value, using useful life or an annual percent.
  • Use an annual percent of depreciation, or use a personal property tax rate.

Asset and Depreciation Reporting

Report market and insurance valuations, depreciation for tax purposes, and fixed asset depreciation posted directly to your construction company’s general ledger.

  • Summarize fixed asset costs and values by category, purchase date and status.
  • Detail depreciation histories by book type, asset, category and more.
  • View depreciation schedules, including prior and current amounts, along with book values.

It provides both timely and accurate information that will enhance [the] ability to manage the financial side of a contractor’s business.

Gary Fortier – CPA
L&G Technology Solutions, Inc.

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