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Using an off-the-shelf accounting software could be holding your company back. If you use spreadsheets or outside programs to track job costing or billings, you never really know the details of what’s happening on your jobs, or if you suffer from any of these other symptoms below, it might be time to upgrade to a construction-specific job cost accounting package.

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Do any of these describe your current accounting software situation?

If so, it may be time to make a change.

  • You’re using spreadsheets or outside programs to track job costs or billings.
  • You enter the same information in multiple areas.
  • Cash is tight and you don’t feel like you’re billing accurately, but you can’t pinpoint why.
  • You never really know the details of what’s happening on your jobs.
  • It takes more than a couple of minutes to create Certified Payroll or Minority Compliance Reports.
  • An outside firm is handling your payroll.
  • You fill out AIAs and other required forms by hand or on a spreadsheet.
  • When a mistake on an invoice or payroll is corrected, you have no audit trail, and your accountant has questioned these changes.
  • You’re worried about the security and accuracy of your data.

…is there a better way?

QuickBooks and other off-the-shelf accounting software are great accounting programs, but they don’t always provide the features needed specifically for construction accounting.

Integrated Job Costing

Get detailed breakdowns on your jobs.

Automatic Certified Payroll Reporting

Instantly create these reports.

Over/Under Billing Reports

Know exactly where you stand on your jobs, and post automatic adjustments to your general ledger.

Multiple Billing Formats

AIA, percent-complete, unit-price, and time-and-material billing.

Date Sensitivity

Job-history transactions are preserved in full detail so reports can be run for any date range.

Customized Reporting

Create job cost reports and pull together other data the way you want to see it.

Secure Audit Trail

Track all your transactions within the system with a detailed audit trail for close job analysis.

Room to Grow!

Foundation is built to grow with you, using Microsoft SQL database technology.

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