DataGenie™ Construction Reports Creator

Built into FOUNDATION®, the DataGenie™ report creator gives contractors easy-to-use tools to create and tailor their own reports and statements the way they want to see them.


Construction Reporting Features

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Construction Job Costing Reports

Customize preloaded job reports, plus build and save your own reports, as simply as dragging and dropping the kinds of data and job cost detail you want to see.

  • Select the levels of your job cost structure for the report.
  • Add columns for amounts, hours, quantities and more.
  • Pull in data from other modules, like invoice balances.
  • Insert drill-down links to more-detailed reports.
  • Define custom formulae and calculations.

Financial Reports for Contractors

Organize and save additional balance sheets, profit-and-loss reports and cash flow statements to complement FOUNDATION’s stock of standard financials.

  • Choose the accounts and subtotals you want to see.
  • Compare custom time periods like year-to-date, month and quarter.
  • View past, present and projected account balances.
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contractor reviewing a construction report on his computer

Job Cost Transaction Logs

Pull job cost transactions into dated historical logs — including payroll, equipment and inventory — that you can sort and filter by job, customer, project manager and more.

  • Add custom job cost detail and sorting.
  • Report transactions from multiple journals.
  • Insert your own user-defined calculations.

Any time you want to pull anything up, it’s there. Just being able to drag over what you want to see and add a few formulas — it’s incredible.

Diana West – Accounting Manager
P&S Paving Inc.

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