The Best Construction Accounting Software In California

With the rise in material and labor costs, contractors need the support of construction accounting software to help their businesses stay profitable.

The construction industry is anticipated to have an estimated market size of $1.74 trillion by 2027, and a recent survey by Associated General Contractors shows that 73% of construction companies listed material cost as one of the most significant concerns.

With rising material costs and the projected growth of the construction industry, it is important to ensure that you have the best financial management tools for your business.

At Foundation Software, we built our accounting software to help contractors from all places, including California.


Many construction professionals struggle with unpredictable costs. Other contractors lose sleep over the financial health of each project. Some professionals in the construction industry still rely on spreadsheets or generic accounting tools that weren't designed to handle the complexities of construction projects.

But there's a better way. Trusted by thousands of contractors nationwide, FOUNDATION® is the all-in-one construction accounting software built from the ground up to help crews in California and beyond transform their finances and operations.

Our accounting software was developed by industry veterans who know the unique challenges faced by contractors in the field.

FOUNDATION gives you the insights, efficiency, and control to build a stronger, more profitable construction business in California.


The Growing California Construction Industry

California is set to begin some major construction projects.

One of the most recent projects that is getting underway is the $1 Billion expansion of the B.F. Sisk Dam in California’s Central Valley. It was approved in October of 2023 and will raise the dam height by 10 ft and create an additional 130,000 acre-ft of storage space in the San Luis Reservoir.

Another large-scale project that is planned is the Red Hawk Casino in Northern California. The casino offers more than 2,300 slots, progressive jackpots, 75 table games, a premier high–limit area, an entirely non-smoking lower level, shopping, and childcare facilities.

With large projects like this, you are going to need advanced contractor accounting software to ensure projects are running on schedule and within budget.

What Are the Benefits Of Using Integrated Construction Accounting Software?

There are a number of advantages to choosing California's #1 Construction Accounting Software. From financial transactions to real-time insights, contractors can get what they need to help improve their business growth.

Since 1985, Foundation Software has seen firsthand how construction accounting software can transform financial management for contractors, construction companies and their employees.

Here are some benefits you get with an accounting platform designed specifically for this industry.

Even with all these benefits, some contractors opt for off-the-shelf accounting software, but for the complexities you face, you need software designed for your business.

Now let's look at some of the accounting features you get from FOUNDATION.

FOUNDATION Construction Accounting Software

Our cutting-edge construction accounting solution accurately tracks the details of every job with customized drill downs, so you aren't blindsided by cost overruns or unexpected expenses.
  • Job Costing
    • Job Costing
    • Construction Payroll
    • Accounts Payable
    • General Ledger

contractors reviewing construction accounting software on a computer

As a contractor, you need to know exactly where every dollar, hour, and quantity goes on your jobs. With the FOUNDATION Job Costing Module, you get Microsoft® SQL Server®-powered reporting, which means stress-free job costing across the date range you need.

You'll be able to:

  • Review project cash flows
  • Allocate overhead
  • Generate work-in-progress (WIP) reports
  • Get real-time job costing: production reports, estimated vs. actual, percent complete
  • Receive automated alerts to avoid cost or labor overruns

Job costing software for construction companies is integral for your projects. With Foundation Software, you can closely monitor spending and stay within budget. You can build job budgets with your company's job cost structure and compare project performance against estimated revenue, costs, labor hours and quantities.

Using job costing software improves your financial oversight and planning capabilities, helping you maximize profits and operate more efficiently.

Get The Best Construction Accounting Software From Foundation Software


With thousands of contractors choosing us, it’s easy to see why Foundation is the leader in construction accounting.

We know the unique challenges construction leaders like you face in California and we’ve developed cutting-edge construction accounting software to address those needs.

We have combined:

  • Construction job costing
  • Certified payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • General ledger
  • Construction reporting and analytics

We help reduce construction workforce strains and give contractors the visibility and control they need to maximize profitability.

Whether you are struggling with job budgets, certified payroll, cash flow, or want to simplify administrative processes, Foundation has proven solutions tailored for you.

With almost 40 years of experience serving the construction industry, we are the premier choice for contractors who want to transform their business.

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