2019 Foundation Games
05 July 2019

The Games Have Come (And Gone) Again!

Two days, eight events, over 120 participants and 36 medals — the second year of our official Foundation Games has come to a close! Though it was uncertain whether the rainy weather would hold here in Ohio, the skies thankfully stayed clear, and the additional hurdles along the racing path of drying puddles and a turtle nest didn’t seem to slow anyone down.

The interdepartmental competition was on!

Like the year before, the events of this year’s Foundation Games spread throughout the main Foltz building and surrounding landscape — out of the way, but close enough that the raucous cheers and friendly banter were hard to miss. Which may have been what drove so many spectators to watch the participants compete in a variety of games like cornhole, HORSE, Wii Bowling, foosball, 2×400 relay, checkers, ping-pong and Mario Kart.

And friend or foe, Foundation Games 2019 proved once again that the members of the Foundation family take to challenges — work or otherwise — with a burning passion.

“I love Foundation Games because you learn so much more about your co-workers and how many hidden talents they have!” marketing & event coordinator Emily Trenka explains. “People take it pretty serious — running, stretching, practicing before events . . . it’s no joke!”

First-time participant Becky Lynch, a graphic designer, agrees. “The competition is very high, but it’s a nice change of pace from a regular workday!”

This change of pace is the main goal the games were founded on — to not only to bring each department together but to grant a reprieve from everyday work demands. “Foundation Games brings the company together for an awesome day of team-building events where you get to collaborate with other individuals who may not be in your department,” senior marketing project manager Megan Naumann says. “It’s a great way to get to know others and strengthen your working relationship along with some friendly competition.”

We like to think this year has continued the trend of its predecessor and next year’s games will do the same.

Till then, comrades.