Year-End Accounting Driving You Crazy?

FOUNDATION makes it easy to close the books and balance the ledgers while helping to streamline year-end processes.

  • Instantly generate job histories, production reports, estimated vs. actual and more to track retainage on gaining reports.
  • Establish change orders, purchasing and subcontract controls to verify invoices.
  • Automatically generate general ledger reports directly from your system.
  • Instantly generate job cost reports including WIP/bonding reports, variance, percent complete and production reporting.
  • Create construction billing forms like AIA progress, unit price contracts and time and material in minutes.
  • Enjoy seamless integrations with payroll services and mobile time tracking apps to provide a complete employee data trail.

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The modules are integrated perfectly, and therefore double entry of items is no longer necessary. FOUNDATION is extremely user-friendly and is set up to fit your specific needs.

Shelli Chesbrough – Office Manager
P.J. Albert, Inc.