Fred Ode
26 October 2018

Growing in Our Fears

Fred Ode clowning around in 1977

Me clowning around in 1977.

Think about what you were afraid of when you were a little kid — the dark, spiders, snakes and clowns. As you get older, your fears aren’t always as black and white. And sometimes, the things that scare us aren’t even bad.

It’s a scary time of year. But it’s signing a purchase agreement for a 125,000 square foot building in Strongsville, Ohio, that’s got me on alert. Back in 2010 we had 79 employees between Foundation Software and Today, just eight years later, we have over 300. We’re growing at a rapid pace, which means we’re also growing right out of our buildings. It’s not a bad problem to have, but it’s also scary.

A good scary, you’d say.

Because fear doesn’t always have to be bad. And in business, I’d say a little bit of fear is necessary. It means you’re moving forward. It also helps keep you on your toes and striving. So this fall, take a moment to appreciate those little anxieties that keep you in motion and progressing — even if they do feel scarier than a creepy clown.


Fred Ode