AIA billing software forms G702 and G703

What Is AIA Billing? [VIDEO]

Get a quick video overview of what AIA billing means for contractors and how it works differently from ordinary construction
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5 Key Financial Ratios for Your Construction Business

5 Key Financial Ratios for Your Construction Business

Explore some of the more common sets of financial ratios and how you can use them to measure the performance
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construction job costing

The Future of the Percentage-of-Completion Method: The Impact of ASC 606

With the new revenue recognition standards for construction contracts, what exactly happened to the percentage-of-completion method we’ve come to know
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bulldozer moving dirt

When to Capitalize vs. Expense Costs on a Construction Project

Construction businesses don’t usually have a choice about paying costs, but contractors may have the choice whether to treat them
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road worker construction signs

Five Facts on Davis-Bacon Wages Every Contractor Needs to Know

Diving into the facts about one of construction’s most debated sets of laws can help take the doubt out of
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white software accounting icons

The Contractors Guide to New Revenue Recognition: ASC 606

There’s a new revenue standard in town. Taking effect is Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers,
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construction accounting process

The Definitive Construction Accounting Glossary

In construction, we sometimes throw around a lot of words, acronyms and alphabet soup. Find out what we’ve been talking
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company project management discussion

The Field Guide to Construction WIP Reports

You may have heard of work-in-progress reports or been asked to help provide information for them. So what’s the big
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foundation project management

3 Ways You Can Do Job Costing in QuickBooks Online

You’ll sometimes hear that QuickBooks can’t do job costing. And that’s not quite true. QuickBooks Online offers a few ways
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