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November 11, 2021
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Being an efficient boss for your staff is an essential part of completing jobs accurately and on time. When your employees are satisfied, they’ll be more inclined to perform high-quality work. Providing employees with all the resources they need to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible is one way to ensure they’re set up to succeed.

Investing in the latest job technology, simplifying work-related paperwork, ensuring accurate time tracking and recognizing employee accomplishments are all ways you can serve as an efficient construction boss. By following these four steps, you can improve the way you manage your team and boost employee morale.

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Step 1: Give your Employees the Gift of Technology

Would it surprise you to learn that most employees crave better and more efficient technology in their workplace? 44% of surveyed employees didn’t feel their workspace was anywhere close to “smart enough.” A global study by Penn Schoen Berland reports:

Employees are generally happy in their jobs, but as communications and productivity technology advances, they are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with workplace capabilities. They’re ready for a workplace that can accommodate their changing lifestyles.

Employee morale will suffer greatly — along with your bottom line — if you try to “pencil and paper” your way through the 21st century. It’s imperative to ensure your employees are working with the most up-to-date technology available so they’re able to perform their jobs accurately and efficiently.

Step 2: Simplify Required Paperwork

Some of the most difficult aspects of a construction supervisor’s job are keeping accurate jobsite records — including managing timecards, job codes, progress reports, and jobsite photos. It’ll take a load off your crews’ shoulders if you can simplify any of these elements. And a great time-tracking app can help simplify them all.

A powerful GPS timekeeping app saves time and energy as recordkeeping is completed in seconds, not hours — a feature your employees will greatly appreciate.

Step 3: Always Pay Them for the Work They Do

GPS timekeeping can both help eliminate time theft and protect against wage theft — making it a crucial element to add to your company.

Of course, you would never purposefully withhold employee wages, but mistakes are easily made when calculating pay — especially when it comes to overtime. Nationally, it’s estimated that between $40 billion and $60 billion are lost annually due to wage theft.

An efficient boss will fight to make sure employees are properly paid for the work they complete. Your employees will love an easy-to-use, fail-proof time tracking system. And you’ll love that overtime pay is calculated automatically and hours are tracked in accordance with your state’s labor laws.

Step 4: Recognize Excellent Work

When was the last time you had an awards assembly at work? If your answer is “Never,” that’s okay. You don’t need to hand out trophies and gold stars every month. However, it’s important to recognize and reward employees when they complete projects.

A recent Achievers’ study found that employees have a deep desire for recognition, with 93% hoping to be recognized at least once a quarter. In addition, 75% of employees who received at least monthly recognition (even if informal) reported being satisfied with their jobs.

With the right app, it can be easier to recognize top performers as you’ll be able to see who is consistently on time and how much work gets done. Recognize that behavior, and chances are it’ll continue. Those “attaboys” will help transform the workplace environment.

An excellent GPS time-tracking app should allow you to easily recognize the awesome work your employees are doing because you can see both what they accomplished and how long it took them to do so. Measuring and acknowledging success always makes for a great boss!

By following these steps, your company can help boost employee morale, improve time tracking accuracy and make completing construction jobs quicker and more efficient — and maybe even earn you a “World’s Best Boss” mug in the process.

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