12 April 2019

Life Can Be Taxing

After 38 years in the business world, I’ve realized that only one thing is as certain as taxes — life. Life happens, and unlike taxes, it doesn’t follow a nice schedule we can plan around every April. In fact, life is probably happening to someone around you right at this moment.

Sometimes it’s an unexpected life event or a difficult season. Sometimes it’s just the long grind adding up. Personally, I’ve experienced numerous times in my career where a loss, anxiety or exhaustion has knocked me off my axis — when I had to step back for a moment or almost walked away — and when life was taxing, what I needed more than anything was patience from the people around me and a little understanding.

So once tax season passes, you might also want to take a step back and notice: Is there anyone around you who seems like they might be going through something? Is there anyone who’s been particularly difficult to work with lately? Maybe they’re being taxed right now, and perhaps all they need is to be cut a little tax break by the people around them to help make it through to a better season.

That might be your way of paying forward a little “life tax” that benefits all of us.


— Fred Ode