01 March 2019

Making a Home for Great Employees

There’s a phrase you’re likely to hear from our founder, Fred Ode, from time to time, which is that “if you put the right people in the right positions, they’ll thrive.” It’s a simple idea, really, but one we try to put a lot of stock in. After all, it’s not just understanding that people have different skill sets but appreciating each employee for what they bring to the table and ensuring they feel individually valued.

This was the goal back in 1998 when we had just seven employees, and it’s still the goal today with over 300.

It’s also the goal that drives our Employee Appreciation Committee.

With 10 members across multiple departments, the Employee Appreciation Committee works hard to set up programs that everyone in the company can enjoy — whether that’s long-running events like our company picnic, newer activities like last year’s Foundation Games, or the everyday occurrences in between like our sports and theater-ticket raffles and employee-run clubs.

“We want everyone to feel a part of this family,” committee member Chris Masteller says, “and to add some fun during the busy work day.” For her, the purpose of company events like the company picnic or family movie night is to give employees a better chance to interact, meet each other’s families and, as she states, “strengthen friendships in the company and create new ones. It’s a way to see a different side of your coworkers and learn more about them.”

And they intend to do even more in the future.

“We’d like to see more variation and opportunity for engagement,” committee member Jacob Stansbury states, “This year, laser tag was one of my favorite events, which was very different from anything we have done before…I would like to keep trying to find a good balance where the entire company is able to participate in the new events we come up with.”

Have some ideas of your own? Let us know! We’ll pass it along to the committee. 😉

1 Response

  1. Bronwyn Betts

    Suggestions for less athletic employees
    1) Do an essay contest on a topic
    2) Hold an Art Contest
    3) Host an Art Gallery for FSI/P4C employees in the new building.