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Regional Sales Manager

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Industry Knowledge
20+ Years

Software Training & Support
10 Years

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Contractor Conversations

20 Years Serving the Construction Industry

Professional Bio:

Now in his 10th year as a regional sales manager, Garett oversees the continued growth and welfare of Foundation Software and Payroll4construction clients across the state of Illinois and the surrounding region. He’s worked with a wide variety of contractors over the years, helping them identify the specific needs of their company and where FOUNDATION can fill those gaps. He typically divides his time between traveling to meet potential clients, demoing the software and attending tradeshows.

To date, he’s performed nearly 2,000 software implementations, attended over 50 tradeshows and worked with more than 3,000 clients nationwide.

Garett began his career with Foundation Software in 2001 as a client services representative, eventually working his way to manager of Foundation Software’s sister company, Payroll4Construction, before taking on his current role.

Personal Bio:

Garett is a lifelong Northeast Ohio native, Cleveland sports fan, video game enthusiast and self-proclaimed sci-fi geek. Father to three kids who love sports and dance, his favorite thing to do is watch his kids on the field or stage.


  • Continue learning and training on new construction technologies that can help contractors become more efficient.

I talk to thousands of contractors every year and it's impressive to not only see the growth of the industry, but to feel like I've grown right along with it. I learn something new every day.

Garett Fuller – Regional Sales Manager

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