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Outside Sales Representative

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Industry Knowledge
18 Years

Software Training & Support
1 Year

Pro Stats:

Industry Conferences Attended

Contractor Conversations

11 Years Serving the Construction Industry

Professional Bio:

As a national sales representative for Payroll4Construction, Jim works with contractors to fully explain the benefits of outsourcing their payroll and how a construction-specific provider, like Payroll4Construction, can easily handle their processing taxes and reporting tasks. Now, in his 11th year with sales, he has been a part of nearly 2,000 selection and implementation processes with clients nationwide.

To date, he has also taken close to 100,000 sales calls, attended over 50 tradeshows and is able to quickly answer any questions a potential client might have.

Jim started at in 2010, bringing with him both industry experience as a mason and sales knowledge as an insurance agent.

Personal Bio:

Jim loves spending time with his wife and child, along with watching Cleveland sports.


  • Continue learning about the ever-changing construction industry
  • Continue to help companies find the best ways to streamline their payroll and educate them on payroll and benefits

While construction payroll will always be the most complex payroll to tackle, with the right service and support, you can really streamline it and focus on other areas of your business.

Jim Welsh – Outside Sales Representative


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