Patrick Smith


Regional Sales Manager

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Industry Knowledge
22 Years

Software Training & Support
5 Years

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Industry Conferences Attended

Software Installations

Contractor Conversations

22 Years Serving the Construction Industry

Professional Bio:

Now in his 22nd year at the company and 17th year in sales, Patrick has worked closely with thousands of contractors — honing in on their specific needs and showing them how FOUNDATION can help improve their business. As a regional sales manager, his day includes traveling to meet potential clients, demoing the software and attending tradeshows; however, his real work involves being a FOUNDATION expert.

To date, he’s performed nearly 3,000 software demonstrations, attended over 100 tradeshows and is able to quickly address any questions a potential client might have.

Patrick began his career with Foundation Software in 2000 as a client services representative, before transitioning into a role as a client services field trainer, where he was responsible for setting up system installations, training new clients on software usage, assisting with ongoing software support and providing advanced client training and consulting services. In 2005, he moved to Texas to run one of Foundation Software’s satellite offices, cultivating sales and maintaining client relationships until 2013 when he moved into his current role as a regional sales manager.

Personal Bio:

Patrick is married and a father of three who enjoys golfing and spending time outdoors with his family.


  • Continue to evolve and learn more each day in an ever-changing industry
  • Help prospective clients recognize the advantages of automated accounting and business operations software

Articles Written by Patrick:

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Of the countless positive experiences in my years at Foundation, the most rewarding is helping clients become more organized and profitable.

Patrick Smith – Regional Sales Manager

Foundation Software

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