Field Materials

About Field Materials

Field Materials is the leading material purchasing software powered by AI. Contractors use Field Materials to request and analyze vendor quotes, place and receive orders, manage warehouse inventory, mitigate backorders and delivery issues, and automatically verify vendor invoices.

Through a seamless integration with FOUNDATION, the operations and finance teams can easily import project and vendor data into Field Materials and automate purchase order creation and invoice processing.

Benefits of Integration

  • Cut 90% of PO processing time by eliminating manual data entry in FOUNDATION
  • Reduce 90% of invoice processing by eliminating manual steps to enter invoices and match them to POs
  • Save up to 10% in material costs by automatically catching price and quantity errors in invoices

How it works

  • Connect your FOUNDATION database to Field Materials software through a simple login screen
  • Field Materials automatically reads and syncs cost codes, vendors, jobs, and materials from FOUNDATION
  • Field Materials automatically writes orders or buyouts into FOUNDATION as pending purchase orders
  • Field Materials automatically exports invoices into FOUNDATION associated with the correct job and PO

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