About Remarcable

All your material. All your tools. All in one place.

Remarcable is an all-in-one platform that transforms the way your field, warehouse, and office teams work. Designed with a deep understanding of contractors’ needs, Remarcable creates efficiencies in material procurement, and warehouse management.

  1. Material Ordering: Connect effortlessly with your preferred suppliers. Allowing field and purchasing teams the visibility on stock availability, shipping status, and updated pricing.
  2. Advanced Tool Management: Track your most expensive assets and tools. Our system ensures you know where they are, and when they’re needed.
  3. Automated Warehouse Inventory: Automation that keeps you a step ahead. Our warehouse module ensures consumables are always stocked, minimizing downtime.
  4. Prefab Requisition Made Easy: Request prefab materials directly from the field.

Integration with FOUNDATION®️

Remarcable seamlessly integrates with FOUNDATION accounting software, enhancing construction management by offering streamlined financial tracking and procurement processes.

This integration brings a host of key features designed to optimize your operations:

  1. One-Click Sync: Effortlessly synchronize purchase orders and invoices with FOUNDATION in just one click.
  2. Batch Processing: Upload multiple purchase orders and invoices simultaneously into FOUNDATION for better efficiency.
  3. Automated Discrepancy Pricing Reports: Automatically identifies any mismatches in charges, ensuring accuracy in billing.
  4. Streamlined Job Cost Tracking: Enhances the accuracy and efficiency of tracking project expenses.
  5. Enhanced Procurement Control: Gain improved oversight over the procurement process, leading to better decision-making.
  6. Error Reduction: Reduces the likelihood of order uncertainties and billing errors.
  7. Cross-Department Visibility: Offers vital insights across all departments – from the field to the office to the warehouse.
  8. Improve project turnaround time and save on overall cost!

Remarcable blends decades of expertise in electrical contracting with cutting-edge material procurement and warehouse management solutions. By connecting with over 200 suppliers nationwide, we empower contractors to streamline operations, cut costs, and enhance both efficiency and communication within their companies.

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