September 11, 2017 | STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — Foundation Software, developer of FOUNDATION® construction accounting and project management software, recently featured on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. for the third straight year. The company climbed 50 spots from last year’s rankings, with organic three-year revenue growth of 79%.

As a 32-year-old family business, Foundation again joins the ranks of numerous startups and other young companies. “What I’m happiest about is to be noted for this kind of success as a mature company in a mature industry,” said CEO Fred Ode. “We could have gotten comfortable and stagnated by this point, but that’s not who we are. We’ve continued to seize the opportunities in front of us and push ourselves each year to be better than the year before.”

According to Fred Ode, the company’s independent ownership has been key to its success. “One of the reasons we’ve achieved what we have is that we’ve grown organically and we’re self-reliant.” Since its founding in 1985, Foundation has been free of outside investors. “Time and time again, it’s enabled us to make hard decisions that were right for us, right for our employees and right for our clients. It’s why we’re here today even after the landscape of our industry has changed completely.”

“Our ultimate goal is to be the #1 provider of construction back-office services,” Ode continued. In addition to its job cost accounting software and mobile field log, the company added data entry help and services to assist construction firm bookkeepers in the past year. Ode insists there’s more to come, citing the possibility of a virtual construction office, assistance connecting contractors to CPA firms and more. “We’re aggressively pursuing additional entry points in the market. But we’ll remain independent, and well remain in the construction industry.”

Fre Ode began Foundation in 1985 as a programmer/analyst and has maintained consistent ownership since.

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