July 28, 2020 – Foundation Software, LLC., developer of FOUNDATION®, America’s #1 Construction Accounting Software, announced today the official launch of their second annual Construction Business Survey. Their 22-question survey is designed to gauge the current state of the industry through the technology and processes construction professionals use every day.

Last year, Foundation Software saw success in their first Construction Business Survey, with over 400 responses from construction professionals from across the country helping to provide insights on the state of the industry. This year, Foundation hopes to see an even greater response.

“With this being our second year conducting this survey, we’re looking to grow on what we built last year and keep that momentum going year after year,” says Steve Antill, VP of Business Development at Foundation Software. “We’re excited to share what we find out about the current state of the industry when we launch this year’s report on the data.”

Using the data from last year’s survey, Foundation Software produced their 2019 Construction Business Report, featuring the results from the survey as well as assessments of what that data means from industry experts. Foundation is looking forward to doing the same with this year’s data, with the launch of their 2020 Construction Business Report this fall.

“We’re a software vendor, but we also want to be a trusted resource for information about the construction industry,” Steve says. “We’ve always viewed ourselves as more of a business partner for contractors rather than just a vendor, and our survey helps us to learn more about the issues they’re facing, directly from them.”

Construction professionals interested in participating in the 2020 Construction Business Survey can access it through Foundation Software’s website, at https://www.foundationsoft.com/construction-business-survey/. Participants who complete the survey are entered into a drawing to win a Surface Pro 7 and will also receive a free copy of the results in the 2020 Construction Business Report when it launches this fall.

Foundation Software is currently celebrating 35 years of business. In addition to accounting software, Foundation also offers a payroll service for the construction industry through their sister company, Payroll4Construction.com, and is in the process of launching an all new, standalone project management software.

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