STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – June 9, 2021 – Foundation Software, LLC, America’s #1 provider of construction back-office software and services, announced the launch of their third annual Construction Business Survey. The 23-question survey offers a chance for construction industry professionals to share thoughts on the state of the industry as well as the technology and processes their businesses regularly use.

Last year, Foundation Software increased participation for the Construction Business Survey, with nearly 600 participants from across the country sharing insights on the industry and their businesses. This year, Foundation hopes to see an even greater response.

“We look forward to keeping our momentum going year after year with our survey,” says Steve Antill, CRO at Foundation Software. “We’re constantly progressing toward our goal of being a leading educational resource for the construction industry, and our survey allows us to hear first-hand from the professionals that know it best.”

Using data from the survey, Foundation Software will produce their 2021 Construction Business Report, showcasing the survey’s results as well as offering analysis from industry experts.

“We want to tackle the biggest issues the industry is facing,” Antill says, “As our survey continues to grow and participation increases, we’ll see larger trends emerge over time that we can all use to make better decisions about what needs to be done to address those issues.”

Participants in the survey will be entered into a drawing to win one of three prizes: $1,000, a Microsoft® Surface Pro, or $750. Participants will also receive a free copy of this report when it launches this fall.

Construction industry professionals interested in participating in the 2021 Construction Business Survey can access it through Foundation Software’s website, at

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