Fred Ode joins elite business leaders who will also be considered for national awards on Nov. 19

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – October 19, 2020 – Foundation Software, LLC, developer of America’s #1 construction accounting and project management software, announces that Founder Fred Ode has been recognized as a recipient of the 2020 Entrepreneur Of The Year® East Central Award from Ernst & Young LLP (EY US). Winners, who needed to demonstrate excellence across a series of stringent criteria, were selected by a panel of professionals representing high-growth companies across several states.

Upon acceptance of the award, Ode shared his wealth of experience as a business owner and the passion that brought him to this point. “Like most business owners, I started with an idea, energy and intense competitiveness — a young man with a floppy mustache and a dream,” Ode said. “From my uncle on Christmas Eve in 1984, who initially encouraged me to ‘just do it Freddie,’ to my father, two weeks from dying in 1991, when I had 3 employees and 15 clients, who told me that he had ‘always knew I would succeed.’ That is what I thought upon hearing my name called; if only they were still here to see this.”

After starting Foundation Software in 1985, Ode found additional success in building its sister company, Payroll4Construction, in 2006. But, Ode admits, he could not have gotten here alone. “When I reflect on what this award means to me, it goes beyond the crystal trophy and industry recognition. I think of my employees who were the primary reason behind my success — I have often marveled at the fact anyone would want to work for me,” Ode said. “I see the drama of building a business over 35 years — the excitement, chaos, uncertainty, passion, confidence, failure, persistence, hope, and success… plus a multitude of other emotions an entrepreneur feels and experiences as they build their business. Having just retired, although bittersweet, I could not have asked for a better ending to my story.”

Though he recently stepped down as CEO of Foundation Software, Ode still remains an active member of the company’s board of directors. He also continues to be involved in his charitable foundation, the Ode Family Foundation, which helps to provide additional opportunities for under-resourced individuals.

Regional award winners are eligible for consideration for the Entrepreneur of The Year 2020 National Awards, which will be announced Thursday, Nov. 19, during the virtual awards hosted by Ernst and Young.

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About Fred Ode

A high school teacher, world traveler, programmer, and entrepreneur, Fred Ode has a rich past of creativity, intensity and drive that has lead him to build many successful businesses in the past 35 years, including Foundation Software, Payroll4Construction, Columbia Hills Country Club, Ode Family Companies and the Ode Family Foundation Charity.

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