08 March 2019

To All The Places We’ve Called Home . . .

There’s an iconic image of a garage — quite a few of them, actually — where Apple (and Google, Amazon, Disney, etc.) first got its start. Looking at it, it’s hard to imagine that such a big, world-changing company began in such a small space, with just one person.

However, it’s a typical story for many entrepreneurs — us included. And while we may not have quite the reach that Apple currently boasts, we do come from some humble beginnings and a lot of unique “homes” in-between.

1985 – National Engineering Building (Now EAC)

When the company first started, we actually worked out of the building of one of our original clients: National Engineering and Contracting. They gave us a small corner section of their office, and we grew into seven employees and more from there.

1993: Terry Building

Our next building was called the Terry building. It was a funky, little 70s holdover with a room we lovingly titled the “bubble room” — a dome, covered in windows, eerily similar to 70s-era commune housing. When we first moved into the building, we only had one small office suite. However, we quickly expanded into two other suites in the building.


1998: The Church

Eventually, we outgrew those suites and had to move out of the building altogether, which is when we found the church.

Though it wasn’t quite so obviously a church from the outside, the interior was a different story. A large baptismal font sat at the back of the main room, and the vaulted ceilings made everything echo — a not-so-ideal environment for our client services department fielding calls.

Needless to say, it took a lot of renovation, but ended up working perfectly!

2006: The Bank

A few years after we settled into the church, we ended up buying the bank next door. There weren’t many changes involved with this one — though perhaps there should’ve been as we frequently saw former bank customers come in to make deposits (we couldn’t take out the drive-thru window!).

2010: The Hair Salon

Then, soon after we bought the bank, we also bought another building next door — a hair salon. Technically, this included both the salon and the former salon owner’s house. We made good use of both.

2013: The Foltz Building

Our current home (and soon to be fully Payroll4Construction.com’s)! Our move into Foltz was the first time we ever hired professional movers. Before that time, each employee would pack up their car with their computer, cubicle refuse and anything else they could fit and move everything over one piece at a time.

2017: The Drake Building

Though it initially seemed like the Foltz building was more than enough room for years to come, we grew faster than we imagined and ended up purchasing the Drake building a few streets over. Currently, it’s home to all of our FOUNDATION trainers and client advocacy team!

2019: The Route 82 Building

We’re not there yet, but the adventure with the new building has already begun as renovations get underway and each department prepares to make the move. Onto bigger and better, as they say!