Foundation Software Testimonials

What are our clients saying?

“If I could go out and put construction software together, this is how I would do it. I was singing your praises to everyone that would listen to me. Because it was like: finally! Someone got it!”

Kathy Rambo, Office Manager – Systems Tech Fire Protection
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“We’re able to track everything from RFIs to submittals to change orders and have that easily transition from pending to approved and automatically update AIAs. I love being able to see everything when I come in.”

Neal Adams, Vice President – Adams Masonry
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“I got to ask him questions from the service end of things. I was really interested in the functionalities of contracts and service histories. As soon as I saw I had what I needed, I was all for FOUNDATION.”

Pat K., Controller, SolarCraft Services, Inc.
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“We did SaaS because we’re a small company. We don’t have an IT department. That Foundation does all of the updates and backups for us is really nice. It’s a great option.”

Lynn Bailey, Controller, Henry Gurtzweiler, Inc.
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