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Impatience Is A Virtue

I started my first “real” job as a programmer on my 31st birthday. They gave me a quick tour and two thick technical manuals to study and that was it.

The Time I Forgot My Name

It was at a networking event when I ventured across the room to greet someone I didn’t know. “I’m Joe,” they said. I blanked.


Next year is a big year for me — 35th year in business, new building, first grandchild. It’s made me reflective, and, if I’m honest, a little nostalgic. We’ve come a long way since that night in 1984 when it all began.

The Voice on the Other End of the Line

For anyone who's called in or logged a support call, you’ve likely discovered a friendly voice at the other end of the line — Foundation client services.

Hand-Me-Down Wisdom

A few weeks ago, I was getting my driveway re-asphalted and the contractor showed up 15 minutes early. He told me it was a lesson he’d learned from his father, who’d always told him to be early.

A Hometown Story

The city of Strongsville — after nearly 35 years, we’re happy to call it Foundation Software’s home.  Though hometown might be more appropriate after all this time.

Hitting the Refresh Button

This year I had one of the most difficult hikes of my life. I returned to the Appalachian Trail for a six-day trip with our backpacking club. The first four days were excruciating and many times I thought I’d have to turn back.

My #1 Investment Tip

Some people invest in the stock market; I prefer to invest in people. Employees are one of the greatest assets a company has, and, ultimately, they’re the ones that are going to drive your business forward.

Life Can Be Taxing

After 38 years in the business world, I’ve realized that only one thing is as certain as taxes — life. Life happens, and unlike taxes, it doesn’t follow a nice schedule we can plan around every April. In fact, life is probably happening to someone around you right at this moment.

Foundation at Play: FORE!

Spring has officially sprung, as they say. And though the temperatures in Northeast Ohio may be refusing to stay above 40 degrees, the sunshine is enough to get people outdoors. Which is exactly where you want to be with the next group in our Foundation at Play series: The Disc Golf Club.

The Luckiest Break

Back when I was 30, I was teaching full-time and hated it. So I decided to go back to school to get my MBA. This meant I had to plan my classes around my teaching schedule, and the first one I could get was a programming course. I had no idea that I’d love it as much as I did — but that class changed everything.

Making a Home for Great Employees

Putting the right people into the right positions to thrive isn't just about understanding that people have different skill sets. It's appreciating each employee for what they bring to the table and ensuring they feel individually valued.

Love Your Competitors, But Not Too Much

I’ve always thought you have two choices when it comes to competition: you either let it overwhelm you and view your competitors as enemies or you use it to push you forward and see your competitors as friends.

Building a Strong Foundation: Step 1

We’ve come a long way since Fred Ode, our CEO and founder, first envisioned and created our construction-specific accounting software. And now with over 5,600 active construction clients, we thought it might be time to finally put down the full story.

For the Love of Money

In 1974 I gave my mom 24 checks — half for my school loan, half for my car payment — with instructions to mail out a pair each month. I was 24 and had made the decision to convert my 1972 Ford Pinto into a “mobile home” and set off for adventure.

The 10 Most Popular Articles of 2018

A we officially enter January and set our sights on the rest of 2019, we thought it might be nice to take a little time and reflect on our most popular industry articles from 2018.

Foundation at Play: Calling All Wizards

Now that winter has officially arrived and the walking path is buried in snow, many members of our Foundation crew are opting to stay inside. One employee-run group has definitely carved out a space for themselves to keep the indoor action entertaining.

Sometimes You Have to Herd . . . Reindeer

Twelve years ago our first company Christmas card included 33 people and took about 45 minutes to complete. This year’s card had 300+ people and was a process of over 120 hours. In truth, bringing everyone together be a task. But the end result of doing so is worth it.

We’re Moving! From Strongsville to . . . Strongsville

After just four years in our corporate campus outside of Cleveland, we’re bursting at the seams! So it’s onto bigger and better as they say. And we’re confident with our new 125,000 square foot building in the heart of Strongsville, Ohio, we’ve managed to do just that.

Finding the “U” in Gratitude

Given the season, I’d like to start this letter by encouraging you to remember yourself when you count your blessings. A thank you to “you,” so to speak. Because I think it’s important to give yourself credit where credit is due.

Foundation at Play: Books on Books on Books

With fall officially underway, the season of gray days and cold winds is upon us. Which means it’s the perfect time to stay indoors and take a mental vacation — preferably by curling up with a Foundation Software book club.

Growing in Our Fears

Think about what you were afraid of when you were a little kid — the dark, spiders, snakes and clowns. As you get older, your fears aren’t always as black and white. And sometimes, the things that scare us aren’t even bad.

Miss Us Yet? Your 2018 User Conference Round-up

Held again at the Huntington Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, this year’s conference became a home away from home as well as a classroom for 350+ FOUNDATION clients. Look back with us on the fun, or learn what you may have missed!

Google Isn’t the Only One Celebrating

Twenty years ago it took 16 diskettes to install FOUNDATION for a client. (It would take over 4,000 to equal the storage on your phone!) Now, we can download the software straight to their computer. A lot’s changed in the last 20 years. Fortunately, many people haven’t.

Foundation at Play: Crocheting for a Cause

Ever wonder what the Foundation employees get up to in their free time? In our new series “Foundation at Play” we’re taking an inside look at all the employee-run clubs that call Foundation Software home.

Dear Mom and Dad

In 1978 I wrote my parents a five-page letter, diagrams included, detailing my decision to quit teaching. Shortly after, I gave my mother 24 envelopes for my car payments and student loans, converted the bucket seat of my car into a bed, and set off to make my own way.

Another Year, Another Killer Company Picnic!

With a company of 300+, it can be difficult to regularly catch up on the day-to-day with everyone — though we certainly like to try. That’s why every year we make sure to set aside some time outside of work hours where employees and their families can get together, get to know each other a little better, relax and have some fun.

The Inaugural Foundation Games Bring Home the Gold This Summer

This July saw the beginning of a new Foundation tradition, an interdepartmental competition to exceed all others — where winners would take home more than bragging rights and losers would reap the benefits of free ice cream. It was dubbed The Foundation Games.

Why Don’t You Take a Hike?

This year, I kicked off my “summer break” by heading up to the Appalachian Trail with our backpacking club for a 70-mile trek through Shenandoah Valley National Park.