How Much Does Construction Accounting Software Cost?
02 February 2017

How Much Does Construction Accounting Software Cost?

When you visit your favorite online retailer, the cost is right beside the picture. On a car lot, there’s a sticker price you can haggle from. Why can’t someone just tell you the cost to buy construction accounting software without having to talk to a sales rep? Here’s an honest answer for contractors.

The price of job cost construction accounting software varies based on:

  • complexity of system
  • business goals
  • modules or feature sets
  • and users

Complexity and Goals

The cost of construction accounting software depends first on the complexity of the system and your business goals. How much does a vehicle cost? Well, that depends on whether you want a sedan or a passenger bus. Both can be great, as long as they fit the type of driving you do. Construction software can vary that much, from a best-of-breed base construction accounting system to a large all-in-one construction management ERP package.

The market is full of really good job costing systems that get the job done for contractors. There’s software designed for companies that do under $1 million in annual revenue, between $3 and 30 million, $50 and 150 million — even over $500 million! If you’re transitioning from a small-business accounting package like QuickBooks®, you’re looking to make a different purchase than a firm with $200 million in volume.

Modules and Users

So let’s say you’ve decided to make the switch from QuickBooks to a best-of-breed system to gain job costing, payables and receivables, construction industry billing, and prevailing wage payroll. On-premise job management systems can range anywhere from $2,000 up to $50,000 plus. Since cloud-based “SaaS” systems use a subscription model instead, monthly costs can be between a couple hundred and several thousand dollars per month. That’s still quite a range, isn’t it?

That’s because the feature sets available and any optional modules you add to the base system also determine the price. Additional modules can include:

Finally, the estimate is tied to the number of “concurrent users” — in other words, how many people at your company will be working on the software at one time. A company with two users won’t require the same support as one with 20, so they’ll rarely pay the same. It also impacts the training hours you might need, what kind of training you require, and what change management issues you and your vendor can anticipate.


How much does construction accounting software cost?

The answer to how much job cost accounting software for contractors costs isn’t simple. However, the conversation to figure it out is. We want to take the time to answer your question by figuring out the best software solution for your construction company.

We want to know:

  • what you do
  • what your business looks like
  • and what you want to do

Speaking one-on-one lets us make sure not only that we quote you the right price. It also helps us put you on track with the right software for your long-term success.

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