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Senior Inside Sales Representative

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Industry Knowledge
22 Years

Construction Focus
GCs & Specialty Trades, Union, Davis-Bacon/Prevailing Wage, Certified Payroll

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Software Installations

Contractor Conversations

22 Years Serving the Construction Industry

Professional Bio:

Now in his 22nd year in sales, Frank works extensively with a wide variety of contractors to help them not only understand everything FOUNDATION can do, but what it can do for them specifically. Though his typical day includes qualifying potential clients, handling sales inquiries and scheduling live demos for the outside sales team. His real work involves being an industry expert — keying into a contractor’s pain points — no matter their specialization — and hearing what they might not be saying.

To date, he has facilitated around 3,000 software implementations to potential clients, taken over 100,000 sales calls and attended nearly 30 tradeshows.

Frank started at Foundation Software in August 2000 as an inside sales representative, before becoming a senior inside sales representative in 2006.

Personal Bio:

Frank is married and a father of two who enjoys sports and spending time outdoors with his family.


  • Help as many contractors as possible find the best software solutions for their business

Articles Written by Frank:

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It’s rewarding to know that we at Foundation are able to help thousands of companies manage some of the most important parts of their business.

Frank Osborn – Senior Inside Sales Representative

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