multiple companies, one set of financials

If you’re overseeing multiple construction companies, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the bigger picture. With FOUNDATION construction accounting software, you can efficiently manage your organization as a whole. The Consolidated G/L Module takes financials from multiple companies and combines them into one set of reports so you can get a birds-eye view, instantly.

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construction worker taking inventory of materials

Consolidated General Ledger Overview

Crucial Reports for the Whole Organization

With the Consolidated General Ledger Module, it’s easy to check on the financial health of multiple companies. Select the companies you want to see, then choose from our large selection of reports, including the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows.

With our construction accounting software, you can gather concrete information about your entire, unified organization in a matter of minutes.

Side-by-Side Comparisons

In construction, having poor cash flow in one job can be a drain on your other projects. The same principle applies to your companies.

The Consolidated General Ledger Module lets you compare financial statements side by side, including cash flow analysis. You can see which companies are thriving and which are under-performing, helping you to make better decisions about the future.


Flexible Data That Works for You 

With multiple companies, you have a lot of financial data to sift through. Wouldn’t you like to be able to choose how you see it?

With the Consolidated General Ledger Module, you can review all of your companies or choose certain companies to focus on. You can also combine your companies’ financial reports or view them side by side for easy and convenient comparison.

And with our extensive report filters, you can customize reports to show only the data you need.