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Last Modified: April 15, 2024

NCN Electric Provides Diverse Electrical Contracting Solutions

NCN Electric has been providing diverse electrical contracting services to southwest Florida for over 30 years. One thing clients can count on when working with NCN Electric is a personalized approach to solving problems.

The family-owned company takes pride in providing every client with a custom experience to meet their unique needs. From start to finish, clients can expect to be treated like a member of the family. Brian Breton, estimator for NCN Electric, sheds light on the dynamic behind the company.

UG to Job Costing

“We’re a small, family-owned business. Our office is seven folks, but we do large commercial projects, schools, retail, industrial, etc.,” Brian said. “We just try to offer a great price.”

One key component to NCN Electric’s success is having the proper software in place to ensure their jobs run efficiently and accurately. That’s why for more than two decades, they’ve relied on FOUNDATION® construction accounting software and McCormick Systems estimating to keep their business running smoothly.

McCormick Systems – a Dependable Estimating and Project Management Software

McCormick Systems provides easy-to-use, all-in-one estimating and digital takeoff software. When contractors use McCormick, they can assure accurate estimating and bidding, which helps guarantee maximum profitability on every job. Since 1993, NCN Electric has used McCormick’s software options to make sure they can provide the most reliable bids.

“We use McCormick for digital takeoff for large commercial projects,” Brian said. “The on-screen takeoff is better than the older way of by-hand takeoffs — we like the database. It has real-time updates from suppliers, which is great — We ended up switching to McCormick because of its digital takeoff feature. With our prior program, you had to print and take them out. With McCormick, it’s all digital, so it’s much easier.”

McCormick’s Automatic Takeoff feature can measure drawings automatically, eliminating the possibility of missed runs and inaccurate measurements. Within the system, there’s also the option to utilize the home run feature for automatic takeoff. For Brian, this meant time saved on every estimate and drawing.

“The digital takeoff is much more useful than the methods we used with our previous software. The real-time updates from suppliers are key to helping us stay on schedule.” Brian says, “Without McCormick, it’d take about three times as long to do a takeoff job.”

Operate Efficiently with McCormick and FOUNDATION

With the recent acquisition of McCormick Systems by Foundation Software, contractors can get even more from these industry-leading products. Complete with an integration between estimating and accounting, contractors like NCN Electric now have everything they need in one convenient location. With it, Brian and his team can save time and optimize data by importing items — like job information, bid information, cost code estimates and material lists — from their McCormick estimates directly into FOUNDATION.

The integration also provides users one location to house all their pertinent job details, helping them obtain up-to-date budget information for all their projects. Having everything in one centralized place reduces the risk of human error and increases the accuracy of the data.

With this simplified system, Brian and his colleagues can ensure they are working as efficiently as possible.

“We’re excited to be able to export straight to FOUNDATION. It’ll take my estimates and see what the actual cost is to see how we can improve,” Brian said.

Freedom to Work Anytime, Anywhere

Another aspect of both FOUNDATION and McCormick that Brian and his team found beneficial is the overall flexibility the systems provide. With Hosted options for both systems available, companies can access the software securely from anywhere via the Internet — including at the jobsite or when working from home — without the cost of having to maintain their own servers.

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“We did switch to the Hosted version of FOUNDATION and McCormick,” Brian said. “Because of it, we were able to work from home, and it works as the same software – Everything is
there as if it were your own server.”

Together, FOUNDATION and McCormick provide clients with over 76 years of combined experience serving contractors. With the right software partners in place, Brian and his team at NCN
Electric know that they’re set for success for years to come: “It’s a great software, easy to use, we hope to continue to integrate and streamline our processes and make more money as a whole.”

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