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Reporting is critical for running a successful business, and you need construction accounting software that gives you strong, extensive reporting capabilities. With FOUNDATION construction accounting software, you get a wide variety of predefined reports, as well as the ability to create an unlimited number of custom reports with our DataGenie™ report designers.

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Foundation Software Data Reporting

Construction Reports Overview

Generate Ready-to-Use Construction Reports 

Does all of the reporting required to run your business and complete your jobs sometimes seem overwhelming? Are you having to use Excel to track even your most frequently used reports?

FOUNDATION comes with an abundance of predefined reports, including required government reports along with those vital for running your business. You can rest easy knowing FOUNDATION will be able to cover your reporting needs.

Create Customized Reports with Our DataGenie Report Designers

With years of experience in the construction software industry, we understand that not everyone needs to see the same information formatted the same way, which is why we created our DataGenie report designers. With the DataGenie you’ll have the tools you need to design an unlimited number of expert custom reports—without needing to be an expert!