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A good CPA is invaluable to a construction company, but even the best accountant can hit a speed bump if your accounting software doesn’t track necessary information.

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CPA Audit / Review Overview

GAAP-Compliant Reports with a Complete Audit Trail 

No one knows what is needed during an audit better than a CPA, so we consulted with the experts—experienced accounting firms specializing in the construction industry—when we developed the CPA Audit/Review Module.

FOUNDATION’s extensive selection of audit reports provide a complete, easy-to-follow audit trail for your company’s finances. And because FOUNDATION is built on sound accounting principles, all of our reports are GAAP-compliant.   

Everything Your CPA Needs in One Location

Financial audits can be a stressful and frustrating process—particularly if your construction accounting software doesn’t give your CPA all of the information they need.

The CPA Audit/Review Module provides your accounting firm with a single, intuitive dashboard that eliminates the need for any training on FOUNDATION. From one convenient location, your accountant is one click away from all of the relevant financial reports, like the Trial Balance, Gain/Fade and Cash Flow by Job Reports. You can clarify exactly how FOUNDATION calculates each report by clicking on the tooltip link next to each item. This way, FOUNDATION and your CPA can always stay on the same page.

Audits Become Easy On Your Schedule And Your Wallet

Conducting an audit can be even more time-consuming if your CPA isn’t familiar with your construction accounting software.

The CPA Audit/Review Module saves billable hours with an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require prior training. Audit reports can be accessed with a single click of the mouse, and an on-screen help system provides instructions tailored for CPAs, so your CPA will be able to get information quickly and complete your audits faster.

Make Adjustments With Ease

Part of the audit process is making necessary adjustments. That’s why the CPA Audit / Review Module does more than just offer reports. CPAs can make journal entries—and even create new journals—right from the Audit/Review Module, making it easy for them to enter adjustments and see the results without ever leaving the dashboard.

Export Financial Reports to Word, Excel or PDF

While FOUNDATION is known for its ease-of-use and flexibility, you might be more comfortable with a more familiar tool when completing an audit. That’s why all of FOUNDATION’s reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Word® or a PDF reader with the click of a button. You’ll be able to work with financial data in whichever format you prefer.