Equipment reports

FOUNDATION offers a wide variety of reports designed to show you all of the important information you need to know about your equipment—past, present or future.

Equipment History and Equipment History Per Item Reports

The Equipment Module’s history reports are designed to give you a complete overview of the history of each equipment item, including both usage and service detail, income and expenses, all in one spot. The Equipment History Report includes summary information for one or many equipment items, while the Per Item Report offers the ability to drill down into greater detail with a single click.

Profit Report

Like the history reports, the Equipment Profit Report includes both service and usage information, but it’s specially designed to help you analyze the profitability of each piece of equipment.

Usage vs. Cost Report

The Equipment Usage vs. Cost Report compares service and overhead costs against the usage costs that have been posted to Job Costing. The variance this calculates provides you with valuable information to determine whether you’re posting enough costs or using accurate rates for usage.

Usage Reports (Condensed, Detail and Summary)

Usage reports are designed to show you equipment usage and their related costs. The Equipment Usage Detail Report shows posted equipment journal transactions in full detail, while the Equipment Usage Summary Report is more compact for a broader overview, and the Equipment Usage Condensed Report excludes idle and down-time information.

Seamless job costing

Whether you own or rent equipment, operating expenses can be significant, and it’s important that they get recognized in your job costing. In FOUNDATION, equipment time and expenses can be allocated to jobs at the point of entry, so job costs are updated instantly. That means double-entry is eliminated, and you will have accurate job costs and more time to focus on other tasks.

Track Equipment as Part of Payroll

With our Equipment Module, you have the option to track your equipment as part of your payroll. Equipment can be attached to employee timecards so equipment hours get logged as your payroll is processed. And if you have employees that always work with the same piece of equipment, you can set that connection as a default to reduce data entry.

Track Fuel Usage

Whether you’re filling a storage tank or an equipment tank, you can track your fuel purchases with FOUNDATION’s Fuel Tracking feature, using your choice of methods. Cost the expenses at the time fuel is dispensed to your equipment, or allocate it based on your equipment usage at a later date.

Automate Your Service Schedule

A construction company has to be able to rely on its equipment. So whether you service your equipment internally or outsource to another company, it’s important for your equipment to be serviced regularly. Using the Equipment Module, you can automate equipment servicing based on odometer readings, the last service date or hours of use.

And for companies that do outsource maintenance, the Equipment Module is fully integrated with Accounts Payable, making taking care of payments effortless.