A Solid Foundation

FOUNDATION offers a software system that’s both on the leading edge and built on a strong base through Microsoft® SQL Server®. FOUNDATION is constructed for growth, so you don’t ever have to wonder if your software will be able to grow with your company.

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Foundation Software and Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Overview

Sophisticated SQL Server

When deciding between software for your construction business, you want to look at which program gives you the best data management options.

FOUNDATION is a 32-bit Windows® program that was created from the ground up using Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server is a sophisticated relational database designed to give you maximum data management, security and reporting power.

Supports Various Hardware and Software Configurations 

While other construction applications may require additional purchases just to meet their minimum software and hardware requirements, you don’t have to worry about that with FOUNDATION and SQL Server!

FOUNDATION and SQL Server support a wide variety of standard hardware and software configurations. And while there are basic minimum hardware requirements, additional purchases for things like a specific server or additional hardware are not required.