Dynamic construction management software

Project management in the construction industry revolves around the job, and so should your software. That’s how we designed our Project Management Module. Use FOUNDATION to manage documents, track and send correspondence, and steer your jobs in the right direction—all from our integrated Job Center.

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Project Management Overview

Job-Centered Project Management

On the construction site, project managers have to focus on the job at hand, and it shouldn’t be any different when they’re in the office. That’s why FOUNDATION features a Job Center, where you can organize your project records the way that makes sense: by job. Select a job and have all of your documents—change orders, emails, RFCs, submittals and more—right at your fingertips and organized in easy-to-find categories. Add notes, view attachments, create documents and even modify records all from the same convenient place.

Designed for Managing Construction Documents

We understand that in construction project management, documents drive business. From submittals to shop drawings, RFIs to field logs, there’s never a shortage of paperwork. The Project Management Module is designed not only to handle construction project documents but to keep them moving smoothly and alert you about key changes.

Peace of Mind with Full Correspondence Tracking

There’s a lot of back-and-forth in construction. Whether you are working with letters, emails or phone calls, your construction management software needs to help you track all of these correspondences and keep them organized.

Our correspondence feature, complete with Outlook integration, lets you make notes and attach files, such as scanned contracts, so you can keep a full history of every communication around your projects. This saves you time daily and helps protect your company in case of legal action.