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Microsoft® Outlook® Integration

FOUNDATION’s Project Management Module seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so you can save emails and attachments to jobs with a single click. Then, simply pull up a job in FOUNDATION, and all of your project e-mails are right there, ready for you to view.

Conditional Alerts

Stay ahead of document due dates with custom alerts that email you a printable report whenever key criteria are met. Narrow it down by document type, project manager and even RFC status. Set a condition for x-number of days before a response is due, or simply let the system notify you whenever you get an approved RFC. The options are virtually endless!

Punch List Management That Drives Profits

Completing projects faster helps you improve your cash flow and free up resources. Punch lists are a critical part of that process. FOUNDATION doesn’t just record punch lists into your system; it gives you the tools you need to allocate responsibility, log target dates and monitor the status of punch-list items. Your project managers will get the data they need to keep tasks on track.

Manage Contacts and Project Meetings

Use Project Management to record meeting details accurately and effortlessly. You can keep track of your company’s responsibilities and refer back to your records if other parties don’t follow through.

Analyze Project Manager Performance

Good construction management software shouldn’t just help you manage your projects; it should also help you manage your project managers. In FOUNDATION, reports can be sorted and filtered by project manager, which means that your project managers see only the information they need to see, and your company can easily analyze the performance of each of its project managers.

Handling your documents

Fully Searchable Documents

On longer construction projects, you can end up with thousands of documents floating around. No matter how organized you are, finding the one document you need when you need it can still take time you can’t afford to lose. The Job Center in our construction management software features a built-in document search function, so you can find any document in seconds.

Create Custom Document Templates

Every document you send represents your company. With FOUNDATION, you can create custom document templates that reflect the image your company wants to present. Add graphics, company logos, headings and more; then create and send construction documents like RFPs, RFIs, submittals and transmittals using the custom templates you’ve created.

Organize Documents with Custom Statuses

A lot can happen between the time a document goes from “submitted” to “approved.” That’s why FOUNDATION construction management software gives you the ability to create user-defined statuses for documents. You can track and filter documents using a system that makes sense for your company and your unique processes.