Simple and Smart Billing

If you perform time and material billing, your construction billing software should be designed the same way. FOUNDATION’s Time & Material Module captures billable job expenses, automates markups and produces accurate, professional invoices for simpler workflow.

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Foundation Software Time & Materials

Time & Material Overview

Billing Workflows That Work for You

Don’t get stuck with manual time and material billing. FOUNDATION lets you pick the types of costs that are billable for a job, then gathers them from other areas of the system, like job costing and payroll.

Use our detailed worksheets to proof and modify billings, or just click through to generate the invoice. It’s a smart workflow that’s simple, precise and fast.

Automatic Markups, Customized for Your Business

If your accounting software isn’t designed for construction, how much time are you losing on calculating markups?

FOUNDATION is construction-specific software that lets you automate flexible time and material billing. Use a fixed billing rate, a percentage or a “cost plus” basis. Then calculate markups based on the type of cost, or go into more detail to define rates specific to different jobs, customers, trades, etc.

Markups can be defined in almost infinite detail. However in-depth your markups are, you can trust FOUNDATION to meet your needs.

Always Know What’s On-Hand

The Time and Material Module automatically captures billing data from other FOUNDATION modules. Nothing has to be entered twice. Billings can include labor, materials, subcontracts, equipment, burden and more—even unposted timecards and equipment hours. You get complete control over the items that are billed.

And once a billing is posted, income can be recognized in other modules automatically, so you get a complete billing life cycle with minimal effort.

Printable Invoices Designed By You

FOUNDATION is designed to offer a complete solution for time and material billing contracts. With the T/M BillingGenie, create printable invoices that match your company’s specifications using an easy drag-and-drop interface. You can also sort and group billing items however you need to. Even include calculations, markups and comments so each customer gets as little or as much detail as they need.

Easy Adjustments and Rollbacks

Adjustments are a common task in construction accounting. That’s why FOUNDATION makes it easy to adjust your billings, even after they’ve gone out the door. Invoices can be adjusted on an item-by-item basis, and removed costs will be released for future billings. If you find that you need to make a correction, our rollback function can perform a complete reversal, including postings to job costing or the general ledger.