Time & Material Billing Software

Expense Capturing and Automated Markups

FOUNDATION® Time & Material captures billable job expenses, automates markups and produces precise, professional invoices for time-and-material contracts.



Time & Material Features

Time and Material Tracking

Convert project expenses to billable amounts by setting rates and custom markups by employee, equipment, inventory item, subcontract, cost code and more.

  • Gather, proof and modify billings on detailed time-and-material worksheets.
  • Assign billing rates specific to customers and jobs.
  • Define custom markups by fixed rate, percentage or added amount.

Time and Material Invoices

Easily create time-and-material templates for invoicing. Then turn T&M billings into clear, professional-looking invoices you can print or email directly to your customers.

  • Tailor an unlimited number of billing designs to different customers and job types.
  • Simply drag and drop to arrange invoice fields and billable categories.
  • Add company information, including graphics and logos.

The Time & Material Module has been a real time-saver.”

— Daniel T. Wilburn, office manager, Midwest Environmental Inc.

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Tools for Construction Billing

Unit Price Billing

Handle DOT or federal agency jobs with construction software features designed for easy itemized and quantity-driven billing in the invoice format you need as a construction contractor.

  • Import bids from state DOTs, Excel® or your estimating software.
  • Create and print billing estimates as AIA-formatted documents.
  • Post to accounts receivable and job cost reporting automatically.

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Construction Invoicing and Receivables

Connect your construction billing and invoicing to powerful job cost reporting so you can easily track receivable amounts and retainage to projects.

  • Generate basic and detailed invoices with customizable designs.
  • Manage progress billings with AIA software features and reporting.
  • View A/R aging and retainage by job, and receive alerts for past-due amounts.

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Executive A/R Reporting

Interact with high-level overviews of your aging, cash flows, and A/R totals by job and customer. Colorful graphs and charts drill down into increasingly detailed reports — all the way down to the invoice level.

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We’re getting our invoices done quicker and getting paid quicker.”

— Daniel T. Wilburn, office manager, Midwest Environmental Inc.

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