Streamlined construction billing

If your company works on unit price contracts, creating invoices that meet exact specifications can sometimes be an uphill battle. That’s why we designed our Unit Price Billing Module specially for unit-price jobs. You can create invoices in the exact format you need, with zero discrepancies and zero hassle.

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Unit Price Billing Overview

Create Billing Estimates Quickly and Accurately

Billing state DOTs can be tricky, requiring your invoices to be in specific formats, and any discrepancies can cause delays in receiving payments.

The Unit Price Billing Module makes things simple. Enter the date range for which you want to bill, and FOUNDATION construction accounting software will gather up-to-date quantities and calculate estimated completion percentages. Just select the right invoice format, and you’re done!

Import Bids from State DOTs, Excel and Other Software

You can do your job more efficiently if you can spend less time entering data. FOUNDATION’s BidGenie lets you import bid items and bids released by state DOTs, as well as bids from Excel and other estimating software. Download a bid from the agency’s website, import it into FOUNDATION, and you’re free to begin working. You can even import all of an agency’s bid items for future use.

Complete Integration with Job Costing

Because FOUNDATION offers fully integrated construction accounting, when you update item quantities in the Unit Price Billing Module, your job costing is updated too for automated production and unit-cost reporting.

This means that no matter where you are in the system, you’re always working with the most up-to-date information.