Unit Price Billing Software

Accounting Software for Unit Price Contracts

The FOUNDATION® Unit Price Billing Module handles quantity-driven billing on unit price contracts for DOT, government or other construction contractors.



Unit Price Billing Features

Formatted Billing Estimates

Create billing estimates and unit price contract invoices while integrating with both your accounts receivable and job costing for streamlined workflows.

  • Import bids from DOT agency websites, Microsoft® Excel® or estimating software.
  • Enter completed quantities as the project progresses, and automatically update job costing.
  • Select a date range to gather up-to-date quantities and calculate estimated completion.

UPB Billing Reports

Generate, sort and filter unit price billing reports from the UPB Module for any date range, including historical data from the beginning of the life of your system.

  • Tie out estimates with A/R invoices, and pinpoint outstanding amounts.
  • Identify subcontracted bid items along with contract pricing.
  • Report quantities complete for unit price bids.

It was like the staff at Foundation was running a road construction business and knew exactly where everything needed to flow and offered all the options we had been longing for.”

— Shelli Chesbrough, office manager, P.J. Albert, Inc.

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Tools for Construction Billing

Time & Material Billing

Capture billable job expenses, automate markups and produce precise, professional invoices for time-and-material contracts with the additional Time & Material Module.

  • Set rates and custom markups by employee, item, cost code and more.
  • Define custom markups by fixed rate, percentage or added amount.
  • Easily create time-and-material invoices with your brand and company logo.

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Construction Invoicing and Receivables

Connect your construction billing and invoicing to powerful job cost reporting so you can easily track receivable amounts and retainage to projects.

  • Generate basic and detailed invoices with customizable designs.
  • Manage progress billings with AIA software features and reporting.
  • View A/R aging and retainage by job, and receive alerts for past-due amounts.

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Executive A/R Reporting

Interact with high-level overviews of your aging, cash flows, and A/R totals by job and customer. Colorful graphs and charts drill down into increasingly detailed reports — all the way down to the invoice level.

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I am so impressed with what I see in FOUNDATION. I think it’s easier and just as strong.”

Lynn Bailey, controller, Bridgeway Civil Constructors, Inc.

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