08 April 2019

Foundation at Play: FORE!

Spring has officially sprung, as they say. And though the temperatures in Northeast Ohio may be refusing to stay above 40 degrees, the sunshine is enough to get people outdoors. Which is exactly where you want to be with the next group in our Foundation at Play series: The Disc Golf Club.

Created and lead by client services representative Gordon Heidinger the club first began as an after-work hobby. “I started playing disc golf about two years ago,” he says. “Since then, I’ve played with a few coworkers after work from time to time. And over the past year or so, I found there was a genuine interest in having a disc golf club here.”

Similar to golf, disc golf, or Frisbee golf as it’s also called, involves throwing a Frisbee at set targets on a course — the less throws it takes, the better your score.

While some of the club’s members have enjoyed the sport for years, it’s also attracted quite a few new players who simply enjoy the outdoor activity — and more than that, the extra time to chat. “We’ve found that a lot of members in the club enjoy getting to talk to and hang out with people from other departments that they may not have had the chance to really speak to before,” Gordon explains.

And with smaller group sizes of three to five people and regular meetup times on Tuesdays and Thursdays, getting close with everyone is easy.

Normally, the club meets up after work in Medina or Parma and starts the game as soon as everyone is there and accounted for. And if the thought of 18 holes seems daunting, don’t worry — you’re not obligated to complete the full thing. “Some players will do nine holes on a course, others will do all 18.” It’s what works for you.

As for the future of the club, Gordon states that they’re looking to expand. “We plan on continuing to meet up each Tuesday and Thursday until it gets too cold out to play! We are also looking to have a meetup over a weekend so we can go play a course that we normally can’t play after work in Hudson, Kent, Chagrin Falls, etc.”

Feel like flexing your Frisbee skills? Let Gordon know in the comments below!