Foundation Software's Employee Hiking Club
21 June 2019

Hitting the Refresh Button

Me and the backpacking club this summer.

This year I had one of the most difficult hikes of my life. I returned to the Appalachian Trail for a six-day trip with our backpacking club. The first four days were excruciating and many times I thought I’d have to turn back. But each one of those days I’d wake up and keep going anyway. Then, by the fifth day, something flipped, and it felt like I had wings. It wasn’t easy, but it was much easier than it had been. And I finally felt the clarity I normally get with these trips.

That clarity was something I appreciated this year especially. With a growing company, there are always challenges and transitions to adjust to, and we’ve had plenty at Foundation —especially after seven years of accelerated growth. However, taking the time to get away and recharge has always allowed me to come back ready to conquer the world.

So while I know it’s difficult for a lot of us to get away in the summer, I hope you can find the time — even if it’s just a minute away from your work, a walk around the office, or a long weekend. I hope you find some way to find your own clarity and hit that reset button.


— Fred Ode