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Last Modified: June 14, 2024

*Foundation Software’s bi-monthly Mobile Workforce podcast is a valued resource that examines the state of the industry by interviewing construction thought leaders.

Join Mike Merrill and Foundation Software CEO Mike Ode as they discuss the evolution of construction technology. Merrill and Ode will explore the recent changes in construction-focused software, considering different software solutions and how they help bridge the gap between fieldwork and office management.

Specifically, the conversation will focus on how technology has transformed the construction industry and examine why selecting the right technology partner is imperative for a contractor’s success. They’ll also discuss the role of vendor-client relationships in driving innovation and efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

1. Changes in Technology and Construction

Ode highlights the shift from hardware, aka tools and machinery to software, aka digital programs, in construction efficiency, noting that while hardware is now all around us and easily accessed – consider the proliferation of cell phones – software bridges the communication gap between field and office, a longstanding challenge.

2. The Role of Industry-Specific Software

Software is transitioning to address specific construction industry needs, including payroll and HR management. Ode discusses their rise in popularity and explores how these types of software can enhance operational efficiency.

3. The Importance of a Vendor-Client Relationship

Ode explains why contractors must build a reciprocal relationship with their software providers. These positive relationships allow both parties to educate each other, which can lead to improved customer service, expanded offerings, enhancements in software and the availability of all-new products.

4. Availability of Data

With instant, remote access to accurate and necessary data, contractors have more information than ever. This access is facilitated by modern software. Ode talks about how it is crucial for making timely and effective business decisions.

Discover how technology is reshaping construction — from industry-specific software solutions to vendor-client relationships, Mike Merrill and Mike Ode offer essential insights for maintaining success in this evolving landscape. Scroll to the top to listen in on this conversation and get a concise overview of the tech-driven future of construction.


Mike Ode
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