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Last Modified: May 21, 2024

For years, contractors have had to handle the complexities of construction management using un-integrated, non-cohesive administrative processes. However, recent proceedings are indicating that the tides are turning. Foundation Software, with a firm history in construction accounting and payroll, acquired Estimating Edge, a company specializing in estimating and takeoff for commercial interior trades. This new acquisition demonstrates that resources are being invested and an all-in-one, single-source back-office is the way ahead.

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In this episode, Steve Antill, Chief Revenue Officer of Foundation Software and Adam Oaks, President of Estimating Edge, join the podcast to discuss how these two companies seamlessly merged — thanks to similar leadership styles, client-first cultures, and comparable sales force structure. They talk about the streamlined experiences clients will have because of the easy integration and complimentary nature of these companies’ construction software tools.

Adam also reviews the main features of Estimating Edge’s flagship products- the EDGE™, EDGE On Site™, and VECTOR™. With over 60 years of combined experience in the construction industry, Foundation Software and Estimating Edge emphasize their joint intention to add value to a client’s business.

Key Takeaways:

Who is Estimating Edge?

Estimating Edge has developed products that form an all-in-one system of estimating and takeoff specifically built for varying commercial specialty trades such as: roofing, acoustical, fireproofing, waterproofing, drywall, flooring, EIFS, wall panels, and painting. In this podcast the emphasis is on roofing.

With Estimating Edge, the creation of a bid is totally customized — while the client measures and maps out the installation plan they receive real-time costing for labor and materials, generating a quote on the spot. The quote is saved to the cloud — where it can be adjusted throughout the building process — and then used as a comparative marker to make sure progress at the job site is advancing appropriately.

How the merger occurred/ Why is Estimating Edge a fit with Foundation?

Foundation Software has been steadily expanding, finding different avenues to streamline clients’ administrative processes. They were in search of a high-quality estimating program that would benefit commercial, specialty interior contractors and found a great fit with Estimating Edge.

Foundation Software and Estimating Edge already share mutual clients with space for more crossover. Foundation clients can be potential candidates for the EDGE™ or VECTOR™ and Edge clients have the potential to integrate their systems with FOUNDATION®. The synergism between their target user base is clear. Their harmonizing cultures and client-first mentalities have allowed for a seamless acquisition.

Why is this partnership good for the industry?

Contractors can now have an integrated, all-in-one back-office solution that makes costing and reporting more accurate and reliable. Administrative services will be streamlined so contractors and estimators can focus their attention on the job at hand.

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What can clients expect moving forward?

Estimating Edge will remain their own company, just under the umbrella of Foundation Software. The high level of customer service expected from both companies will continue as employees are being cross trained to help smooth out integration. Resources will continue to be invested to further progress an all-in-one construction management suite.


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