Foundation Construction Accounting Modules Guide
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Last Modified: April 27, 2024

Getting the most out of your FOUNDATION system requires an understanding of its functionalities. Our software is an all-in-one accounting, project management and payroll solution that offers a variety of modules to help construction companies manage their finances, projects and resources.

With so many different options available to enhance your FOUNDATION experience, we’ve created an ultimate guide to help you navigate all the modules and add-ons. Read on to find a specific module of interest or to learn about the range of features offered in FOUNDATION.

UG to Job Costing

Built-in Modules

The modules listed below are built into FOUNDATION and come with the software automatically.

Job Costing

Our FOUNDATION Job Costing Module tracks the actual costs and progress of your job activities against estimates and past performance. We offer customized detail to zero in on your profit’s margins, and our project budget software makes the job costing process simple. You can easily build job budgets with your company’s own job cost structure and compare project performance against estimated revenue, costs, labor hours and quantities.

This module includes construction change order management so you can track, and report change orders by status to instantly update budget detail without alteration. If you need change order entry or toggle reports, this module can convert RFCs into change orders quickly and easily. This robust job cost tracking, cost management and reporting helps you to know exactly where every dollar goes.


Our FOUNDATION Payroll Software Module was designed to help contractors pay their crews on time and with precision. If you have multiple different prevailing wage workers, Davis-Bacon contractors, union workers, fringe benefits or tax rates on each construction project, this module can help you process payroll efficiently. To help simplify the process, the Payroll Software Module offers automated timecard entry, processing and calculations. Designed with a smart system default, you can sync mobile timecards and fill in timecard information with just a few keystrokes. Even if it’s a multi-state, multi-union or multi-trade timecards, the data can be uploaded without reentering rates.

We can help with sorting payroll and tax histories per employee or job, tracking workers’ compensation, new hire reporting, EEO/minority compliance or creating and filing, as well as W-2s for multiple states and localities. FOUNDATION calculates pay rates, taxes and deductions automatically helping to streamline the payment process.

General Ledger

The FOUNDATION General Ledger Accounting Module enables contractors to perform daily transactions and period-end procedures. It allows for reporting from a scalable database and for any construction company, documents like financials, change orders and WIP reports are crucial. Instantly prepare income statements, balance sheets and cash flow reports to show the health of your business.

With this module, you can also view and post over/under billing, overhead costs and run standard and comparative trial balances. You can even record every transaction in your construction ledger including reversals while securing audit trails of ledger activity. FOUNDATION provides you with a detailed and reliable audit trail that helps protect your business against bookkeeping mysteries and enables you to see general ledger activity for any timeframe.

PO’s and Subcontracts

The FOUNDATION Purchase Order / Subcontracts Module helps track purchasing and subcontracted labor for any construction job. With our committed cost control, you can enter, import or custom design construction purchase orders, subcontracts and change orders to track cost commitments easily. When managing POs and Subcontracts, it is essential to save key information, documents and emails to your purchasing and subcontractor records.

With this module, you can assign lump sum amounts, set aside retainage or add line-item detail, helping to keep everything organized and searchable. You can maintain complete correspondence logs with email integration, receive alerts for expired insurance certificates, add documents with custom information fields to records and set allowable variance limits for construction expenses. All this and more ties into your A/P, job costing and inventory with complete cross-module integration.

Accounts Payable

The FOUNDATION Accounts Payable Module makes managing payables simple, to save time on data entry and finding the job-based reporting you need. Our accounts payable invoice entry allows you to efficiently enter invoices and retainage. Conditional defaults pull in the appropriate information instantly, and automatic error-checking helps prevent imbalances and other mistakes. If you need to schedule or quickly recreate recurring invoices, create lien waivers and credit memos or perform one-step reversals for fast corrections, this module can help.

We offer flexible invoice payment to help you easily find the invoices and retainage you want to pay. You can then select the amount based on discounts and holds, due dates and projected impact on your cash accounts. With reports organized by vendor or job, you can easily filter invoice-level detail and monitor accounts receivable. We also offer a way for you to track tax liabilities, print or e-file 1099s and set alerts for approaching-due or past-due invoices. Our accounts payable reporting feature helps you to stay on top of payables.

Accounts Receivable

The FOUNDATION Accounts Receivable Management Software connects construction billing and invoicing to a powerful job cost accounting system so reporting always ties together. You can easily enter lump-sum and percent-complete invoices, add line-item detail and print or email custom-designed invoices. This allows you to quickly generate invoices from recurring billings or proposals, create lien waivers or credit memos and record cash receipts against invoices for a full audit trail.

We also include AIA billing software to help manage progress-billing jobs with automatic tracking and invoicing to keep things orderly. No matter how many redlines and applications you process, you can update all applications easily and correct redlines with convenient rollbacks and print complete billing forms. Manage your receivables with date-sensitive reports built to drill down to individual invoices for transaction-level detail.

CPA Audit

The FOUNDATION CPA Audit and Review Software gives outside CPAs a convenient inside look at their client’s reports and financials from a single dashboard. Easily make adjusting journal entries, create new G/L journals and enter two-sided transactions. CPA’s can also set up budget, accrual, recurring or regular journals. If you need to create two-sided entries to keep the books balanced and add entry transaction descriptions or dates for a clear, this will help to create a traceable audit trail. This all comes with fast access and easy exports so that external CPAs can log in remotely to quickly run reports.

Access all your key reports in one location, including:

  • Over/under billing
  • Job cost WIP
  • Gain/fade analysis
  • Overhead allocation
  • Billing backlog
  • Cash flow by job
  • G/L materiality
  • Aging and materiality
  • G/L and J/C tie-out

Executive Dashboard

Using the FOUNDATION Executive Dashboard construction contractors get a live, high-level overview of company projects helping them to stay current on financial data. Contractors can zoom in from high-altitude graphs and charts with just a click to see relevant reports instantly, allowing them to access more detail, even down to individual invoices. Filter your dashboard views to see only the projects you want and the data that matters to you. And with the PM security option, you can also restrict user accounts to show just the jobs they’re assigned to. This allows you to include or exclude bid and overhead jobs and filter change orders and purchase orders by status.

This module gives you the ability to view the most current accounting data in one location with multiple dashboard views. Track:

  • Job costing
  • Change orders
  • Over/Under billing (WIP)
  • Cash flows
  • Payables
  • Receivables

Add-On Modules:

The modules listed below are available for add-on.

Service Dispatch

The FOUNDATION Service Dispatch Module gives field service managers the power to coordinate dispatches, contracts, billing, inventory and more all connected to their job cost accounting and payroll. You can manage service calls easily from a drag and drop dispatch board customized to your company’s service hours and shift schedules. You can assign and change field service technicians to calls with user defined priority codes and create, print and track work orders, or recurring service schedules.

With the ability to add payroll hours, equipment or materials, you can manage invoices from inside the call record, so you have only one system for billing and labor. And process labor hours for payroll, bill completed calls and collect payments, without reentering data. This includes calculating and labor hours to the Payroll Module.

Inventory and Material Management

The FOUNDATION Inventory and Material Management Software is completely integrated with job costing, purchasing and invoicing software. This module gives contractors a firm handle on item orders, quantities, price levels and locations. With the ability to create billing estimates and unit price contract invoices, this module streamlines workflow to assist inventory tracking.

Define limitless item lists and inventory categories, maintain numerous pricing levels and units of measure per item and automatically import from inventory services. Manage your inventory all from one system with multiple stocking locations, warehouses, service vehicles and trucks and easily receive and transfer items directly to the jobsite. Go beyond the basic inventory list by linking inventory receipts to your purchase orders and A/P invoices.

Unit Price Billing

The FOUNDATION Unit Price Billing Module handles quantity-driven billing on unit price contracts for DOT, governments or other construction contractors. Create formatted billing estimates and unit price contract invoices while integrating with both accounts receivable ad job costing. You can import bids from DOT agency websites, Microsoft Excel® or estimating software. Enter completed quantities as the project progresses, and automatically update job costing. Select a date range to gather up-to-date quantities and calculate estimated completion easily.

Generate, sort and filter unit price billing reports from the Unit Price Billing Module for any date range, including historical data from the beginning of the life of your system. This all helps to tie out estimates with A/R invoices, and pinpoint outstanding amounts.

Consolidated General Ledger

The FOUNDATION Consolidated General Ledger Software gives contractors a convenient way to combine the construction financials of multiple companies into one complete picture. Pull several financial databases into one consolidated ledger database for easy reporting without having to log on and off or switch back between multiple accounts. You can select the company databases you want to consolidate, customize your account structure and gather monthly financials or lump-sum financial data.

Instantly and easily run general ledger reports and custom designed reports for a consolidated multi-company general ledger. You can produce multi-company income statements, generate consolidated balance sheets and monitor total cash flows in one module. This will help to summarize period general ledger activity, detail transaction histories to multiple journals and run trial balances.

Project Management

As a web-based project management system, ProjectHQ® offers contractors a single source of truth for all project data. ProjectHQ makes it easy for everyone on the team with permitted access to see where things stand on a project. Project Managers can have a global view of all their projects along with their upcoming tasks and important documents. Manage key data in a user-friendly platform.

ProjectHQ can track committed costs and billings on projects. It also allows for simplified contact management methods, such as creating project directories, sending alerts, managing action items and tracking correspondence. The centralized document storage holds information like:

  • Customized AIA Billing Forms
  • RFPs
  • RFIs
  • RFCs
  • Change Orders
  • Submittals

Mobile Time Tracking

Sync your field and your office with WorkMax, our mobile tracking solution. Obtain job data, track time and labor, enter and approve timecards and sync to FOUNDATION remotely on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Live field data enables accurate paychecks, invoices, progress, productivity and true job cost analysis. Real-time data eliminates errors while completing billing and payroll in a fraction of the time. Easily capture employee signatures on timecards to verify accuracy, document safety and record compliance all while tracking location data for employee clock-ins and clock-outs.

Included in the mobile app is:

  • GPS Location
  • Geofencing
  • Biometrics/ Facial Recognition
  • Spanish Capabilities
  • Tool Tracking
  • Unlimited Custom Forms

Service Management & Resource Management

CrewHQ is a web-based app that provides labor dispatch and resource management for contractors. Project managers can easily schedule resources to projects and keep their labor force up to date on job assignments and priorities. ​Our quick look dashboard shows crew assignments, location and availability at a glance. With job specific scheduling, you can schedule crews, equipment and materials to specific projects/jobs.

CrewHQ’s streamlined communication portal between management and field staff makes it easy to notify workers. Send out job assignments or real-time alerts that let field employees know about job changes, job requirements and job dates. Also, with easy allocation tools, users can easily drill into a task and schedule the required resources necessary to complete it, while feeling confident that resources will not be overallocated across projects.

Employee Pay Portal

With the FOUNDATION eAccess Payroll Portal, employees will have their payroll data available anytime! With secure access and an easy-to-use dashboard, employees can check their information online to help eliminate paper stubs. Our eAccess dashboard breaks payroll data down into simple readable sections that summarize pay-stub history, taxes and deductions, year-to-date numbers and vacation time. Grant your employees’ access to view their timecards and earnings for specified ranges, so they always have accurate information, and instant access to past pay stubs.

In addition to the dashboard’s summary of available vacation hours, you can give your employees access to a detailed history of the vacation time they’ve accrued and used along with dates. With the accuracy of our sophisticated payroll portal, all employees have to do is login.

Document Imaging

The FOUNDATION Document Imaging Module is a complete document management solution that lets you scan, save and share construction documents and jobsite images for convenient approval and document storage. This allows you to keep important files and photos for your construction projects secured in a searchable, sortable electronic filing cabinet, granting you access to them from anywhere. Files include:

  • Jobsite photos
  • HR documents
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Insurance certificates
  • Signed contracts
  • Invoices and receipts

Review, revise and route invoices across your team’s workflows with automated document routing that always knows what, when and where to send it. Delivered with custom inbox alerts with status updates, you can quickly search through documents and images according to user-defined labels and criteria including:

  • Project
  • Vendor
  • Employee
  • Date Range
  • and more

Fixed Assets Tracking

Using the FOUNDATION Fixed Asset Tracking Module, contractors can manage and account for their company’s long-term assets, from buildings and land to machinery and equipment. Manage and organize your long-term fixed assets by recording valuations, manufacturer details, tax information and item status. With the ability to generate and record depreciation of company fixed assets, this module can set up an unlimited number of fixed-amount, formula or percent methods. You can report market and insurance valuations, depreciation for tax purposes and fixed asset depreciation posted directly to your construction company’s general ledger.

Equipment Management and Tracking

With the FOUNDATION Construction Equipment Management and Tracking Module, contractors can easily manage their construction equipment from both a project and accounting perspective all from one convenient system. Track construction equipment, such as trucks and service fleet vehicles, with the ability to monitor fuel, insurance, use and maintenance, along with idle time, downtime and recurring service costs. You can also generate work orders, and schedule routine service and maintenance costs.

Manage equipment assets by recording item values, manufacturer details and warranties, as well as calculating and recording depreciation. Report and post depreciation using GAAP and tax-recognized methods. You can also record bluebook, sale and insurance valuations for equipment and attachments and maintain service histories and meter readings by date.

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Time and Material

The FOUNDATION Time & Material Module captures billable job expenses, automates markups and produces precise, professional invoices for time-and-material contracts. Convert project expenses to billable amounts by setting rates and custom markups by employee, equipment, inventory item, subcontract, cost code and more. Gather, proof and modify billings on detailed time-and-material worksheets, assign billing rates specific to customers and jobs, and define custom markups by fixed rate, percentage or added amount. Easily create time-and-material templates for invoicing and turn T&M billings into clear, professional-looking invoices for customers. With this, you can tailor an unlimited number of billing deigns to different customers and job types.

Our Modules are Here to Enhance Your Construction Accounting Experience

FOUNDATION offers a wide variety of modules designed to help enhance your system and streamline your construction accounting. We offer additional Foundation products that can be integrated directly into your software! If you’d like to learn more about what our modules have to offer, click here to contact our sales rep!

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