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Inside Sales Representative

Business Lines:



Industry Knowledge
15 Years

Construction Focus
GCs & Specialty Trades, Union, Davis-Bacon/Prevailing Wage, Certified Payroll

Pro Stats:

Software Installations

Contractor Conversations

15 Years Serving the Construction Industry

Professional Bio:

As an inside sales representative, Linda is the first contact for many prospective Payroll4Construction clients, taking sales calls, emails, and following up on any potential leads. Now in her 15th year at the company and 6th year in sales, she has utilized her experience within both FOUNDATION and Payroll4Construction to help potential clients understand the difference construction-specific software and services can make for their company.

To date, she has facilitated over 1,000 software implementations to potential clients and taken over 100,000 sales.

Linda started working at Foundation Software in September of 2007 as a cold caller in the marketing department. However, she soon shifted into a hybrid position between marketing and sales as a cold caller/inside sales representative where she helped resurrect cold leads. Eventually, her work aligned so much with sales that she transitioned fully into an inside sales position for Foundation Software. In December of 2019, she took her experience to Payroll4Construction as an inside sales representative.

Personal Bio:

There’s a quote in Linda’s house that states “time spent with family is worth every second,” and she adheres to that in both her personal life and at Payroll4Construction – working alongside her two daughters and her son.


  • Continue industry education and build further trust with clients through honesty and integrity.

Construction is an ever evolving industry and clients put their trust in us to stay ahead and be profitable.

Linda Galla – Inside Sales Representative


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