–Free event focuses on practical strategies and real-world questions, with representatives from ProNovos, OTL, Colorado State University and Eide Bailly.

Atlanta, Georgia (May 13, 2020)–A virtual panel discussion will explore how construction contractors can use data analytics to navigate everything from run-of-the-mill recessions to the unprecedented uncertainties triggered by COVID-19.

Hosted via Zoom teleconferencing software, the multidisciplinary exploration begins at noon (EDT) on Wednesday, May 20, and lasts for approximately 40 minutes.

The free event comes at a time when construction companies everywhere are grappling with questions related to safeguarding employees, retaining talent and maintaining margins, noted Bruce Orr, Chief Data Scientist at Atlanta-based ProNovos, a construction data analytics firm.

“Contractors are facing many tough calls right now,” Orr said. “Fortunately, many have spent the past few years onboarding construction data analytics tools that give them access to powerful—and often barely tapped—capabilities. During the panel discussion, part of what we’ll cover is how to take full advantage of these tools in the context of today’s challenges.”

Panelists will also share some of the foundational principles of construction data analytics based on their varying perspectives. In addition to Orr, the panelists will include:

  • John Killingsworth, a construction management professor at Colorado State University who has conducted extensive research on how contractors can weather economic downturns;
  • Wickham “Wick” Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Anaheim, California-based OTL, a contracting firm known for its rockwork, themed construction and specialty water feature projects; and
  • Bryce R. Wisan, CPA, CCIFP, a Partner at accounting firm Eide Bailly whose clients include a wide array of construction and real estate companies.

Moderating the panel will be Eric D. Vittardi, Market Development Manager at Foundation Software, a leading provider of job-cost accounting and construction management software solutions.

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About ProNovos

ProNovos provides cloud-based business intelligence solutions and services that empower contractors to find new opportunities, make better decisions, save money and reduce risk. Founded in 2014, the Atlanta-based operations-management and data-analytics firm focuses exclusively on the specific needs of the construction industry. This actionable intelligence is accessible anywhere, anytime by superintendents, project managers, accountants, estimators, c-suite executives and other decision-makers. For more on ProNovos, visit ProNovos.com.


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