March 11, 2019

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — Construction industry software developer Foundation Software has been honored with a Smart Business Cleveland Technology Award. The award recognizes companies that develop cutting-edge, impactful tech. Foundation was one of eight companies honored in this year’s “Established Tech Firms” category.

FOUNDATION®, the company’s flagship product, is a comprehensive job-cost accounting and project management program designed specifically to meet the complex needs of the construction industry. Foundation also provides supportive services, like payroll, to minimize contractors’ office time — all while providing award-winning customer service.

For CEO/Chairman of Foundation Software, Fred Ode, industry knowledge and a commitment to customer service are vital to the success of the company and its positive impact. “To provide the best possible product for our clients, we need to understand the industry,” said Ode. “Before we even sell the product, we get to know potential clients, their needs and their goals. We’ve even recommended other companies’ products when they might be a better fit. It sometimes costs us a sale, but, long-term, we’re building our reputation for honesty and customer service.”

Among the company’s primary values are integrity and a constant drive to improve. “The idea that if we’re going to do something, we are going to do it well, and the drive to always push ourselves to make our programs better, faster, more comprehensive and more capable are fundamental to both our culture and success.”

Today, Foundation offers accounting, payroll, project management and bookkeeping services, but, for Ode, that’s still not enough. “We are incredibly proud to be able to help contractors run the business side of their business,” said Ode. “And we’ll never stop raising the bar for ourselves and our products.”

Cleveland Technology Awards were distributed at an awards luncheon at the Cleveland Marriott East on March 7.

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Foundation Software delivers job cost accounting, project management and mobile applications, along with payroll and services, to help contractors run the business side of construction. For more information, call (800) 246-0800 or email

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