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15 March 2019

The Luckiest Break

Sometimes the signs in life are obvious.

Back when I was 30, I was teaching full-time and hated it. So I decided to go back to school to get my MBA. This meant I had to plan my classes around my teaching schedule, and the first one I could get was a programming course. I had no idea that I’d love it as much as I did — but that class changed everything. Programming inspired me, I was good at it, and it felt like I’d finally found the place I fit.

That one course set me on a path I’d never considered an option, and it launched me in a career direction that ultimately led to the creation of Foundation Software — without that one course, my company probably wouldn’t exist. I got lucky, and I ran with it.

I tell this story as a reminder that while hard work, ambition and drive are all vital parts of being successful in business, some things just come down to luck. And luck, in my opinion, is just an opportunity presenting itself. It may not always be easy to recognize and it’s unlikely to come in any form you expect — or maybe even feel lucky at all — but being vigilant and learning to seize those opportunities when you see them is important.

So keep your eyes open to the luck in your life — you never know where it’ll lead you.


— Fred Ode