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When it comes to managing payables, good construction software should keep things simple. That’s why our Accounts Payable Module has one simple goal: to make your everyday tasks easier by providing every tool you need.

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Accounts Payable Overview

Spend Less Time on Invoices

Wouldn’t it be nice if entering an invoice was as simple as choosing the vendor? With FOUNDATION’s vendor defaults, you can automate things like payment terms and tax rates. Even better, FOUNDATION’s error checking helps prevent overpayments, unbalanced entries and other costly mistakes.

Simple Tracking of Taxes

Between sales, use and makeup taxes, figuring out your company’s liabilities can be tricky. FOUNDATION makes things easy by enabling you to set tax defaults for vendors and jobs, automate tax rate changes, and split out tax rates that are remitted to a single agency.

And when it’s time for a review, tax liability reports are all date sensitive, so you can get the detail you need to remit taxes and avoid penalties

Faster Approvals

FOUNDATION helps you do more with less using our document imaging and routing tools. Scan payable invoices and route them to the decision makers in your company. Once received in our easy-to-use document center, they can quickly be viewed, revised or approved for faster response times.

And for an extra boost in productivity, you can set up automated routing and approval processes to make your payable clerk’s life easier.