Immediate reporting power

With FOUNDATION construction accounting software you’ll have access to a substantial number of predefined reports that you can run with highly customizable criteria. These reports include, but are not nearly limited to, the following:

Certified Payroll Reports

If you work government-funded or Davis Bacon prevailing wage jobs, you may be required to submit reports for certified payroll. Certified payroll reporting can certainly be complicated, but with American’s #1 Construction Accounting Software there’s no need to worry! FOUNDATION comes installed with more than 40 Certified Payroll Report formats and automatically collects and prepares the necessary data, allowing quick processing at any point during a project. Need to make a correction? At any time, you can rerun any format for earlier dates.

Over/Under Billing Report

For your construction projects, getting and staying bonded is a must. To stay bonded you need to provide complex reporting that meets your bonding company’s or surety’s requirements. This becomes easy when you use our Over/Under Billing Report, designed with input from both a leading construction CPA firm and several bonding and surety companies. This report compares your job’s percentage of completion to the amount billed to date so you can determine whether you’re on track with accurate detail of your profit or loss.

When you need to post adjustments to your General Ledger, FOUNDATION lets you do this directly from the Over/Under Billing Report, while preventing you from making repeat adjustments.

Minority Compliance Report

If you work on government-funded jobs, you’re required to submit minority compliance reports to the U.S. Department of Labor to prove that your company hires and pays minority employees of a certain line of work on an equal basis with non-minority employees. FOUNDATION streamlines this reporting process with our Minority Compliance Report, which is available in various formats.

Overhead Allocation Report

With every construction project you take on, you’ll incur overhead expenses like phone bills or maintenance fees. The Overhead Allocation Report breaks down your overhead costs and also details your accounts receivable billing information. Using a customized allocation method, you can distribute overhead across your jobs directly from the report screen.

Aging Reports

Aging reports are available in both the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Modules. These reports track the progression of unpaid invoices, along with retainage and discounts, even allowing you to add notes and drill down into individual invoice detail. You can use the system default aging increments or even define your own. You can also choose if the invoices are aged based on their due date or the invoice date.

Expertly customizable — easily

If you need a report that isn’t already in FOUNDATION, or even just need to modify one of our predefined reports, you can create or modify the report using our award-winning DataGenie™. The DataGenie is a report designer that allows you to create a variety of reports from the ground up, so you can make sure the information you need to see is presented the way you want it. Since it features an easy drag-and-drop interface, there’s no programming knowledge required to successfully create the reports you need!

Job Costing Activity Reports

Create your own job cost activity reports or make custom adjustments to our predefined reports in the Job Costing Module. Report job cost activity by job, phase, cost code, cost class or project manager. Pull in costs, revenue, units, and quantities, whether estimated, actual, revised, or committed, from the Job Costing Module.  You can even pull in percent complete journal entries. Available data from other modules include inventory receipts, cash receipts, overhead allocation and more. You can even add your own custom formulas and user-defined fields. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Job Costing Transaction Reports

The Job Costing TransactionGenie gives you transaction-level detail by job, project manager, geographic area, customer or project class, with full job cost detail. Define your reports to print transaction data like job history dates, amounts, labor hours, units and quantities, audit numbers, payroll records, vendor and customer numbers, and equipment and inventory numbers, as well as your own user-defined formulas.

General Ledger Financial Reports

FOUNDATION comes preloaded with standard financial statements, but customized statements are entirely within your power with the G/L FinancialGenie, allowing you complete freedom in organizing your chart of accounts. Report by month, quarter, period, balance, percentage and budget, and even include multiple past and future reporting periods for convenient side-by-side comparison.

Vendor Lists

FOUNDATION allows you to store a great deal of information in your Vendor Records, so why not make the most of it? Vendor lists can include extensive contact details, certificate expiration dates, tax authority defaults, 1099 information, banking numbers, user-defined fields and much, much more.

Customer Lists

User-designed customer lists can report anything you enter in our field-rich customer records, including extensive contact details, credit limits, service charge defaults, tax information, inventory markups, user-defined fields and much more.

Employee Lists

FOUNDATION Employee Records can contain a tremendous amount of information, and custom employee lists let you pull out every piece you need to see. Employee lists can include information on worker’s compensation, rate history, hires and terminations, deductions and exemptions, employer contributions, timecard defaults, direct deposit, accruals, burden and much, much more.

Job Lists

Job lists can draw from the extensive amount of information able to be stored in your Job Records. In addition to basic job information like project manager, job status and tax group, your custom job lists can print job budgets in full job cost detail, extensive Payroll and Accounts Receivable defaults, overhead, union tables, user-defined fields and much, much more.

Equipment/Asset Lists

If it’s information saved to your equipment or asset item, you can report it on a custom equipment/asset list. Warranty information, depreciation methods, job costing rates, service dates and locations are a small fraction of the data available to you.

Item Lists

If all you could do was list the inventory items in your database, you wouldn’t be happy, and neither would FOUNDATION. User-defined item lists let you report general data like stocking quantity, average cost and last cost, units of measure, and location but also compressive pricing information, vendor details, availability, open purchase orders and not-yet-recorded receipts, just to scratch the surface. As always user-defined fields can also bring in any additional data for any imaginable purpose.