Equipment Management Software

Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Tracking

With the FOUNDATION® Equipment Module, contractors easily manage their construction equipment from both a project and an accounting perspective — from one system.



Construction Equipment Features

Equipment Tracking Software

Track heavy construction equipment, trucks and service fleet vehicles — including use, fuel and maintenance, along with idle time, downtime and recurring service costs.

  • Capture mileage and equipment hours with user-defined job cost rates.
  • Monitor operating expenses like fuel, insurance, service and depreciation.
  • Generate work orders, and schedule routine service and maintenance costs.

Equipment Asset Management

Manage equipment assets by recording item values, manufacturer details and warranties, as well as calculating and recording depreciation.

  • Report and post depreciation using GAAP and tax-recognized methods.
  • Record blue-book, sale and insurance valuations for equipment and attachments.
  • Maintain service histories and meter readings by date.

Equipment Cost and Profitability

Account for the impact of your construction equipment on your project costs and on your company, as well as report detailed histories on each piece of equipment.

  • View equipment profitability with item-by-item breakdowns.
  • Compare actual service and overhead expenses against costs posted to jobs.
  • Detail equipment use by job, cost code, cost type and more.

“It gives us a decided advantage because we’re able to stay on top of things a lot better.”

— Ryan Ventura, president, VEI Solutions

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Tools for Equipment Management

Mobile Equipment Tracking

Capture project data, including heavy equipment use, straight from the field with your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Simply add FOUNDATION mobile® to your construction accounting software.

  • Enter equipment hours to your job and cost code remotely.
  • Manage labor with geotagged clock-in/out, timecard signatures or grid timecards.
  • Submit daily construction field logs with weather and jobsite incident notes.

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Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Record, depreciate and retire your construction company’s long-term assets — like buildings, land and equipment — in the FOUNDATION® Fixed Assets Module of your job cost accounting software.

  • Track purchase price, salvage value, market value and more.
  • Monitor and record depreciation using book and tax methods.
  • Access depreciation and valuation reports.

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Equipment Resource Scheduling

Manage project resources — from heavy equipment and inventory to labor and subcontractors — while avoiding scheduling conflicts and limiting project delays.

  • Set up easy-to-read project schedules and Gantt charts.
  • Auto-create schedules from job budgets and DOT unit-price billing.
  • Detect resource conflicts immediately with automated alerts.

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FOUNDATION was the most user-friendly and cost-effective software for what we’re doing.”

— Jeff Wark, CFO, Teal Construction

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