heavy-duty tracking

Heavy equipment and construction accounting go hand-in-hand, but if your job costing software isn’t designed to track equipment, it’s difficult to know your real costs. FOUNDATION’s Equipment Module lets you track equipment usage, automate work orders, and calculate profits and depreciation.

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Equipment Overview

Easily Track Equipment Usage and Service

If you often have equipment sitting idle on a job site, you’re not making the best use of your resources. Our Equipment Module makes it simple to track usage, along with idle and down time, so you can easily see when resources aren’t being used efficiently. Additionally, you can see a complete history for any piece of equipment at any time.

See Profits and Losses for Every Piece of Equipment

Equipment is more than just a tool; it’s an asset. And to make sure your assets are justifying their cost, you need the tools to see profits and losses on each piece of equipment. FOUNDATION’s Equipment Module comes with a variety of insightful reports—like our Equipment Profit Report, which factors in fuel, overhead and service costs and gives you accurate numbers on your equipment’s profitability.

Depreciation that Bridges the GAAP

If you use different construction software for your equipment and accounting, calculating depreciation can be a chore. But in FOUNDATION, all of your data is connected, so it’s easy to track depreciation using both GAAP- and tax-recognized methods.

And because FOUNDATION gives you flexibility with each asset, you can post depreciation to the General Ledger with one method and use another for your tax reporting.