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Accurate, detailed construction job costing is critical to the success, especially if you work large-scale, labor-intensive jobs. With FOUNDATION’s Job Costing Module, it’s easy for you to create detailed budgets and powerful reports to track job costs to the penny and your financial status of your jobs to the day.

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Foundation Software Job Costing

Job Costing Software Overview

Build Better Budgets

With FOUNDATION’s construction job costing tools, it’s easy to enter your budgets. Drag-and-drop cost codes from a master list, add new cost codes, or effortlessly copy a budget from an existing job.

Need to integrate with your estimating software? No problem. With FOUNDATION’s award-winning BudgetGenie™, you can import estimates in just a few clicks of your mouse.

True, Detailed Construction Job Costing

When your accounting software doesn’t work the way construction does, it can be difficult to track costs, which will ultimately eat into your profits.  

FOUNDATION is built to specifically handle construction accounting, so you can accurately track job costs through everyday transactions, like invoices, purchase orders and timecards. Because you can break job costs down into the detail you need, you’ll know exactly where every dollar is being spent. 

Powerful, Flexible Job Cost Reporting

What use is great job costing if you can’t see the results? Construction reports, like Over/Under Billing, Estimated vs. Actual and Production Reports make FOUNDATION shine.

If you don’t see the report you need, you can build it yourself with FOUNDATION’s easy-to-use DataGenie™ report designer.