making the complex simple

Construction payroll is complicated, but our Payroll Module is built just for construction, automating your most complex payroll. Whether you work with prevailing wage, union fringes or multiple states, FOUNDATION is the construction payroll solution that lets you focus on the bigger picture.

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Foundation Software and Certified Payroll

Payroll Software Overview

Complex Timecard Entry Made Simple

Because your employees can work in different trades, states, cities and unions, all on a single timecard, entering timecards can be time-consuming. FOUNDATION makes things easy by automating pay rates and taxes for as many trades, jobs, unions and jurisdictions as you need.

Easily Manage Your Union and
Prevailing-Wage Software Needs

Union and Davis-Bacon prevailing wage payroll can be complicated. If you’ve set up union tables or calculated prevailing wages manually, you know just how complex these aspects of construction accounting can be.

FOUNDATION is certified payroll software that automates your Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage processes and reporting.

You also get strong union support and flexible setup to ensure the correct union pay rates are being used in timecards.

Generate Required Reports Quickly and Easily

From certified payroll to workers’ compensation and EEO minority compliance, the reporting required of a construction office can be overwhelming.

FOUNDATION’s certified payroll captures this information with every payroll, so reports are ready for you to generate and print whenever you need them. You won’t have to worry about last-minute rushes or costly penalties.